cVigil App – Report the Model Code Violations easily

cVigil App – Report the Model Code Violations easily


cVigil App is an attempt to empower the voters throughout the country. The app is a pilot project of the government through which users can report the violations of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) in a poll-bound state. The app aims at curbing the malpractices conducted by candidates and activists of political parties. Now, the citizens don’t need to rush to the Election Commission or look for other alternatives as one can simply record a video or click photo upload it on the cVigil app.

To know more about the app read below:

What is Model Code of Conduct (MCC)?

Model Code of Conduct (MCC) is a set of instructions provided by the Election Commission of India which are to be followed by both the political parties and candidates who are contesting in the elections.

The MCC provides guidelines and instructions on general conduct, meetings, campaigning etc. during the time of the election. It stays active until the entire election process is complete.

Features of the app:

    • The app is user-friendly and easy to operate.
    • It is android based and requires an Android smartphone equipped with a camera, internet connection, and GPS access.
    • The operating system required to operate the app is jellybean or above.

How to use the app and file a complaint?

    • Download the app from Google Play Store.
    • Record a 2 minutes video or click a picture and upload it on the app.
    • By using the Geographic Information System (GIS), the automated mapping will be done on the application which will help the Election Commission in locating the area.
    • Once the submission of the proof is successful through the app, the user will get a unique ID for the reports and also follow up updates will be provided.
    • If any user does not want to reveal his/her identity, he/she has the option of keeping it confidential.

    Actions taken on the report:

    • Once the complaint is filed, the information will be transmitted to the control room.
    • From there the field units, flying squads etc. will be immediately alerted in order to take further action.
    • If the identity of the person is not anonymous then the person would also receive an action-taken report within 100 minutes.
    • After the action is being taken by the Field Unit, the relevant document will be uploaded and a message will be sent as ‘action is taken report’ via cVIGIL Dispatcher’ to the Returning Officer.
    • If the information is correct, the information will be forwarded to the National Grievance Portal of the Election Commission of India in order to take necessary action.

    Benefits of using the cVigil app:

    • The cVigil app allows a citizen to report the incidents of misconduct within minutes without a need to rush to the office of the returning officer as it can be easily done online.
    • Earlier, lack of evidence was a hurdle in lodging a complaint. Also, it was difficult to provide evidence because of the upcoming problems which have now been eliminated.
    • cVigil app will act as a fast-track complaint reception and redressal system.

    Is the usage of the app safe and can it be misused?

    • The app is 100% safe and cannot be misused. In fact, there are several inbuilt features which will prevent the misuse.
    • cVigil app will receive a complaint only about the MCC violations.
    • The app will not allow any pre-recorded or old images and videos to prevent the misuse.
    • The recorded videos and clicked photos will not be saved in the photo gallery.
    • The app will become inactive once the citizens exit the poll-bound state.

    Quick Facts about the app:

    • A person can secretly send geo-tagged videos and photos of illegal money being distributed during elections.
    • Hate speech videos, distribution of illegal inducements etc. can also be uploaded which are being spread during the polls.
    • The app will be made available on the Google Play Store soon.
    • It will be operationalised for the first time during assembly polls in states including Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Mizoram, and Rajasthan.
    • The app will work only when the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) is active in the poll-bound state.
    • The identity of the user will be hidden so as to encourage more information without any risk.
    • As the photos and videos will be automatically tagged by geographical location, it will be easy to determine the correct place where the poll code would be violated.
    • If the complaint is genuine and correct, the person will be intimated within 100 minutes.
    • The app will be operational only when the elections are announced.

    So far, there were fewer complaints and they weren’t followed instantly which led violators to escape easily from the action squads. There were no documented pieces of evidence which was another hurdle in lodging a complaint. Also, it was difficult to trace the geographical location without any information. But now, it is expected that all these gaps will be filled with the help of cVigil app. If everything goes well with the app then it will further contribute to conducting free and fair elections in 2019.

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