General Elections 2014 – Day 38

General Election Diary - Day 38

If we were to fictionalise it! A husband who never acknowledged his marriage and a traditional Indian wife who made her life a penance in the strong belief that one day things would turn out right. The husband grew to be a strong political leader and the wife, always with a prayer on her lips, silently watched his progress from a distance. The husband’s career started touching new heights and when he was at the peak of success, he decided to acknowledge and tell the world he is married. Lot was at stake but it was nothing compared to the love that he had kept locked within him for ages, and which was waiting to be let out. For the time has come and the vow he had made to himself that he would bring his wife home only when she can be treated like a princess has been fulfilled. Thus, amid the frenzy of power and success, he brings his demure wife home in total public glare. The world cannot but accept the power of love and they lived happily ever after.

Hai! What a romantic story. Ahem…when the husband is 63 year old BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the wife is 62 years old Jashodaben, is it wise to expect such a romantic ending?

The world is speculating the logic behind Modi’s revelation that he is married. Many are crying hoarse like Law Minister Kapil Sibal who has filed a petition with the Election Commission to take action against Modi for furnishing false affidavits and not revealing his marital status in previous elections.

Earlier Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi had said, “In Delhi, they talk about respecting women… but Modi wife’s name never found its way into the affidavit in the number of elections he fought.”

To this Modi responded by saying that the Congress is not willing to give an account of their work but is instead demanding me to explain myself.
Modi also said he was ready to face the Congress allegation that about 10,000 crore black money was being used for election campaigning by the BJP.

Now we hear that Congress has borrowed former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for their election campaign. In an advertisement on its website, Congress had featured Vajpayee’s quote in 2002, where he had said that Modi did not follow Rajdharma (a ruler’s duty.) BJP called it a new low that Congress can get to.

Yesterday, it was Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadv who invited the ire of the public when he said boys can make mistakes and should not be hung if they commit rape. Today, SP leader Abu Azmi said that any woman who has sex outside marriage, be it consensual or by force, should be hanged. Wah Wah…are they actually leaders whom we can vote? The National Commission for Women has sent a notice to Yadav over his remark.

Remember the Election Commission officials who were attacked in West Bengal. Well, it seems the son-in-law of state minister Sabitri Mitra has been arrested along with another Trinamool Congress activist.

In another development, the EC has asked criminal proceedings to be initiated against BJP leader Amit Shah and SP leader Azam Khan and have also banned them from holding public meetings, processions or road shows in Uttar Pradesh. This stand is being taken by the EC in the wake of the hate speeches they had made few days earlier and to further stop both the leaders from vitiating the atmosphere.

The EC vigil is being carried out in full force. It has now directed authorities to remove two leaves symbol on Amma packaged drinking bottles. The leaves apparently resemble ruling party AIADMK’s symbol. It had earlier asked the pictures of Chief Minister Jayalalitha, who is famously known as Amma, to be removed from the bottle.

A report released by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) claims that Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is the only party where all the candidates have criminal records. Now, that’s something.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Baru who was the former advisor to the Prime Minister, in
his book – The Accidental Prime Minister – has written that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh surrendered to pressure from Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her allies. The party hit back saying that Baru was writing for his commercial gains.

How can the day end without some news from the Aam Aadmi Party? Well, hitting out at the BJP, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal said that BJP would have even accused Lord Rama of running away. “Ram’s exile is considered an act of supreme sacrifice. Thank God, BJP was not existent then or else they would have also called him Bhagoda (runaway),” he said.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more as we cover the developments that the election unfolds each day.

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