List of the Lieutenant Governors of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi (1966-2022)

India has 8 Union Territories. Delhi, Puducherry, Ladakh, J&K, Andaman and the Nicobar Islands have Lieutenant Governors (LGs) as their heads. All the LGs of Delhi reside at Raj Niwas. The President of India elects them for a tenure of 5 years. 

Recently, Vinai Kumar Saxena was appointed as the new Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. 

What does the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi do?

The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi is considered the constitutional head of Delhi. While the central government controls the sectors like public order, police, and land, other sectors like health, education, agriculture, forest, and transport come under the city government. 

But after the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill of 2021 was passed, LG has more power than before in this act. According to this Amendment, the expression ‘government’ in laws made by the Legislative Assembly will mean the Lieutenant Governor. It also states that the LG must be considered before taking an executive decision.

Let’s have a look at the former Lieutenant Governors of NCT of Delhi from 1966 to 2022:

Name Tenure Served Worked Before in
Aditya Nath Jha 07-09-1966 to 19-01-1972 I.C.S.
M- G- Pimptkar 19-01-1972 to 23-04-1972 I.C.S.
Baleshwar Prasad 24-04-1972 to 03-10-1974 I.A.S.
Krishan Chand 04-10-1974 to 30-03-1977 I.C.S.
D. R. Kohli 31-03-1977 to 16-02-1980 I.C.S.
Jagmohan 17-02-1980 to 30-03-1981 I.A.S.
S. L. Khurana 30-03,1981 to 01-09-1982 I.A.S.
Jagmohan 02-09-1982 to 25-04-1984 I.A.S.
P. G. Gavai 26-04-1984 to 03-11-1984 I.A.S.
M. M. K. Wali 04-11-1984 to 15-11-1985 I.A.S.
A V M H. L. Kapur 16-11-1985 to 03-08-1988 PVSM, AVSM
Romesh Bhandari 04-08-1988 to 13-12-1989 I.A.S.
ACM Arjan Singh 14-12-1989 to 17-12-1990 D.F.C.
Markandey Singh 17-12-1990 to 04-05-1992 I.P.S.
P.K. Dave 04-05-1992 to 04-01-1997 I.A.S.
Tejendra Khanna 04-01-1997 to 20-04-1998 I.A.S.
Vijai Kapoor 20-04-1998 to 08-06-2004 I.A.S.
B. L. Joshi 09-06-2004 to 08-04-2007
Tejendra Khanna 09-04-2007 to 08-07-2013 I.A.S.
Najeeb Jung 09-07-2013 to 22-12-2016 I.A.S.
Anil Baijal 31-12-2016 to 18-05-2022
Vinai Kumar Saxena Currently serving his tenure