Lok Sabha Elections in India 2019 – Polling Phase 5

Phase 5 of Lok Sabha Elections in India 2019

Phase 5 of Lok Sabha Elections in India 2019

8:15 PM

Voter Turnout by 7 PM

The overall turnout for phase 5 is recorded to be 61.48%.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 57.76%
Jammu And Kashmir 17.07%
Jharkhand 64.23%
Madhya Pradesh 63.51%
Rajasthan 63.36%
Uttar Pradesh 54.70%
West Bengal 74.15%


6:30 PM

3% Voter Turnout in J&K’s Anantnag

Only 3% of voting has been recorded in Anantnag constituency of Jammu and Kashmir. The voting trend has been as abysmal as it was for the last four phases.


6:15 PM

Voter Turnout by 6 PM

The overall turnout is recorded to be 59.38%.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 52.86%
Jammu And Kashmir 17.07%
Jharkhand 63.72%
Madhya Pradesh 62.96%
Rajasthan 59.32%
Uttar Pradesh 53.20%
West Bengal 74.06%


5:45 PM

Congress Demanded Repolling in Jammu and Kashmir

Congress is demanding repolling in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag parliamentary constituency. The party is seeking for another round of polling in a number of booths in Pulwama and Shopian districts of the constituency. Congress has alleged that both PDP and NC were involved in bogus voting in a number of areas.


5:30 PM

Voter Turnout by 5 PM

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 44.85%
Jammu And Kashmir 15.51%
Jharkhand 58.63%
Madhya Pradesh 54.06%
Rajasthan 51.23%
Uttar Pradesh 45.28%
West Bengal 64.05%

5:15 PM

People Boycotting Polls in Jharkhand

The people in Lodhma village have boycotted the polls. The village falls under the Hazaribagh constituency, Jharkhand. The main demand of people here is the district map’s restructuring.


5:00 PM

Voter Turnout by 4 PM

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 44.08%
Jammu And Kashmir 15.34%
Jharkhand 58.63%
Madhya Pradesh 53.84%
Rajasthan 50.43%
Uttar Pradesh 44.89%
West Bengal 62.88%

4:45 PM

Voter Turnout by 4 PM in Madhya Pradesh

As per the reports, the state of Madhya Pradesh has recorded 53.84% polling percentage by 4 PM. The state’s 7 seats are going to poll in this phase.


4:30 PM

Protests Hindered the Voting Progress in Kashmir

In south Kashmir, massive protests were witnessed. A polling station in Shopian was even relocated after stones were pelted. Some even heard blasts in the areas of Rahmoo and Tral.


4:15 PM

Voter Turnout by 3 PM

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 32.27%
Jammu And Kashmir 11.45%
Jharkhand 47.95%
Madhya Pradesh 44.27%
Rajasthan 42.97%
West Bengal 51.59%

4:00 PM

Bombs Hurled in West Bengal

Another incident of violence has been reported in West Bengal. Bombs have been hurled at Hingli which falls under the Bangaon Lok Sabha constituency. The act has been carried out by a few unidentified men. Police personnel is now appointed in the area.


3:45 PM

Voter Turnout in Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand by 2 PM     

The voter turnout has been disclosed for Madhya Pradesh by 2 PM. A total of 43.85% turnout has been recorded. The constituencies recorded:

Damoh 45.83%

Satna 41.10%

Hoshangabad 45.40%

Tikamgarh 43.37%

Betul 48.98%

Khajuraho 42.51%

Rewa 39.37%

The voter turnout has been disclosed for Jharkhand by 2 PM. A total of 45.98% turnout has been recorded. The constituencies recorded:

Ranchi 44.69%

Kodarma 48.70%

Hazaribagh 44.56%

Khunti 45.88%


3:30 PM

Voter Turnout in Rajasthan by 2 PM     

The voter turnout has been disclosed for Rajasthan by 2 PM. A total of 42.73% turnout has been recorded. The constituencies Ganganagar recorded 48.05%, Churu 44.29%, Sikar 43.72%, Alwar 43.64%, Jaipur Rural 42.61%, Bharatpur 40.36%, Dausa 42.18%, Bikaner 40.15%, Jhunjhunu 41.75%, Jaipur 43.99%, Nagaur 43.19%, and Karauli-Dholpur 38.21%.


3:15 PM

Voter Turnout in West Bengal by 2 PM

The voter turnout has been disclosed for West Bengal by 2 PM. A total of 50.78% turnout has been recorded. The constituencies Bangaon recorded 49.42%, Howrah 45.97%, Srerampur 52.99%, Arambag 53.84%, Uluberia 54.39%, Hooghly 51.60%, and Barrackpore 46.26%.


3:00 PM

TMC MLA in Clash with Forces in West Bengal

After the violence incident reported in the morning, there is yet another incident in West Bengal. TMC MLA Prasun Banerjee got into a clash with Central forces. Reportedly, TMC supporters gathered around the booth and abused the forces there. The clash took place at Balitikuri’s Muktaram Dey High School.


2:45 PM

Dhoni Cast His Vote

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has cast his vote along with his family. He exercised his franchise at a polling booth in Ranchi’s GVM Shyamali School. He also studied there. Former Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren too has cast his vote with his wife in Ranchi.


2:30 PM

Voter Turnout in West Bengal by 1 PM

The voter turnout for the state of West Bengal has been disclosed. By 1 PM, 35.41% voter turnout has been recorded. The constituencies Bangaon recorded 38.86%, Howrah 41.63%, Sreerampur 39.00%, Arambag 36.53%, Uluberia 36.07%, Hooghly 43.58%, and Barrackpore 39.21%.


2:15 PM

Voter Turnout in Madhya Pradesh by 1 PM

The voter turnout for the state of Madhya Pradesh has been disclosed. By 1 PM, 29.89% voter turnout has been recorded. The constituencies Tikamgarh recorded 28.81%, Satna 28.25%, Hoshangabad 33.14%, Khajuraho 29.73%, Betul 32.78%, Damoh 28.23%, and Rewa 28.13%.


2:00 PM

Voter Turnout in Bihar by 1 PM

The voter turnout has been disclosed for Bihar by 1 PM. A total of 20.74% turnout has been recorded. The constituencies Sitamarhi recorded 20.90%, Muzaffarpur 22.95%, Hajipur 20.88%, Madhubani 18.17%, and Saran 20.89%.


1:00 PM

TMC-CPM Clash – One Killed

In a clash between workers of TMC and CPM, a person has been killed. Sheikh Kamrul, a CPM worker, is killed in the clashes. Some CPM workers were injured and even taken to hospital.


12:45 PM

A Good Polling Show in J&K

After the abysmal show at polling in the last four phases of elections, people in Jammu and Kashmir are finally warming up to the polling scene. Apparently, the voters have tuned in hundreds of numbers at Khrew, Pulwama (falls in Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency). As per the reports, around 40 voters exercised their franchise by 10 AM.


12:30 PM

More People Boycott Polls

People from more villagers are boycotting the elections. The villagers of Sukwari and Tiskili in  Madhya Pradesh have announced their decision to stay away from polls this time. Their major demand is roads.


12:15 PM

Jharkhand Governor Cast Her Vote

The governor of Jharkhand Draupadi Murmu has cast her vote. She exercised her franchise in Ranchi. To encourage the voters, she even took a selfie and posted it.


12:00 PM

Babai Villagers Boycott Elections

People of Babai village, which falls under Tikamgarh constituency in Madhya Pradesh, have decided to boycott the elections. Their main demands remain to be blasting technique used in mining and a ban on ROC machines. According to the locals, no action has been taken on their queries despite their numerous requests.


11:45 AM

Voter Turnout in Madhya Pradesh by 11 AM

The state of Madhya Pradesh has recorded a voter turnout of 14.37% by 11 AM. Its constituencies Ganganagar recorded 15.43%, Churu 13.38%, Sikar 16.36%, Bharatpur 18.20%, Dausa 14.78%, Nagaur 14.30%, Karauli-Dholpur 16.23%, Jaipur 13.69%, Jhunjhunu 16.08%, Jaipur Rural 14.54%, Bikaner 12.96%, and Alwar 13.25%.


11:30 AM

Voter Turnout in Bihar by 11 AM

The voter turnout for different constituencies of Bihar has been disclosed. Overall the state records 11.51% voter turnout by 11 AM. The constituencies Sitamarhi report 10.97%, Muzaffarpur 12.68%, Madhubani 9.18%, Hajipur 11.98%, and Saran 12.89%.


11:15 AM

Smriti Irani: Voters Forced to Vote for Congress

BJP leader Smriti Irani has alleged that voters in Amethi constituency were forced to vote for Congress. Irani, who is also contesting from the seat, has tweeted a video where a voter is complaining that a polling booth officer made her to cast her vote for Congress when she wanted to go for the Lotus.


11:00 AM

EVM Problems Delay Voting in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh

The problems in EVMs have slowed down the process of voting in Bihar. In Runnisaidpur area of Sitamarhi constituency, the polling has been halted from the past one hour at polling booth number 40. There, the EVM machine is down. Widespread delays are also reported in Amarpatan,  Chitrakoot, and Satna of Madhya Pradesh due to EVM glitches.


10:45 AM

Karauli-Dholpur, Rajasthan in a 3-way Battle

The Karauli-Dholpur constituency in Rajasthan is up for an interesting battle. Here the key candidates fighting for the seat are Manoj Rajoria from BJP, Congress’ Sanjay Kumar Jatav, and Ramkumar Bairwa of BSP. The constituency is an important one in the state.


10:30 AM

No Voting by 9 AM in Multiple States

By 9 am, there is no voting at all in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Bihar. There is a surprising 0% voter turnout. A district in Madhya Pradesh, Betul, has even witnessed boycott from voters. Apparently, people there are furious over the water shortage problem.


10:15 AM

Multiple EVM Problems in Rajasthan

A ton of cases has emerged related to faulty EVMs in Rajasthan’s Sikar Lok Sabha constituency. Almost 10 EVMs have been replaced in the past 2 hours. There are also demands for changing more EVMs. Owing to these technical problems, voting has not begun in a booth at Alwar and Salkia.


10:00 AM

Explosions and Fire Breakout in Jammu and Kashmir

Allegedly a grenade explosion has taken place in the polling booth of Rohmu at Pulwama. Two buildings in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district, where polling booths have been established, were also set on fire. A polling booth in Tral has even witnessed hurling of petrol bomb. In phase 5, the polling is taking place in Anantnag and Ladakh constituency.


9:45 AM

Jaipur Rural Rajasthan Up for An Interesting Poll Battle

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, the union minister and an ex-Olympian, is defending his seat against another Olympian Krishna Poonia from Congress. This would be an interesting contest because recently Congress won the assembly elections in Rajasthan. The constituency is a crucial one for the state.


9:30 AM

Scuffle in Barrackpore, West Bengal

Here the BJP candidate Arjun Singh has been attacked by TMC workers. The elections proceedings have been disrupted by force. He has been taken to the hospital. TMC, on the other hand, has alleged that Singh misbehaved with women near the polling booth.


9:15 AM

Lucknow, UP to Witness Fierce Contest

Union Minister Rajnath Singh (BJP) is defending his Lok Sabha seat against Poonam Sinha (SP), wife of actor Shatrughan Sinha, and Acharya Pramod Krishnan (Congress). Last time the winning margin for Rajnath Singh was over 2.7 lakhs. This time with SP and BSP forming an alliance, it would be an interesting contest to watch.


9.00 AM

Voting in Amethi and Raebareli Yet to Begin

One booth is reporting EVM glitch in Amethi. Polling in both Amethi and Raebareli is yet to begin. Both the seats are currently under the control of Gandhis. Sonia Gandhi has held the seat of Raebareli since 2014 and Rahul Gandhi has a stronghold in Amethi.


8.45 AM

Amethi, UP to Witness Contest Between Rahul Gandhi and Smriti Irani

Here it is a fierce contest between Rahul Gandhi, Indian National Congress President, and cabinet minister Smriti Irani. In the last elections, Rahul Gandhi’s margins were cut down heavily by Smriti Irani. There is a theory that Rahul Gandhi is contesting elections from Wayanad because there are some doubts regarding Amethi. Smriti Irani has had heavy campaigning done by all the big BJP leaders for her. Whereas on the other hand Priyanka Gandhi, the east UP president from Congress and Rahul Gandhi’ sister, has campaigned for him.


8.30 AM

Voting  Begins on a Tricky Note

The voting has begun for phase 5 of the Lok Sabha elections. VVPAT errors have been recognised already at some booths in Rajasthan. At some booths in Barrackpore Lok Sabha constituency, even bombs were hurled. A BJP candidate Arjun Singh, however, has cast his vote from the same constituency.


Though cyclone Fani has caused some disruption in the eastern part of India, the largest democracy in the world is on track for holding Phase 5 of the Lok Sabha general elections on Monday, May 6, 2019. Voters in 7 states will vote to elect their choice of candidate for 51 constituencies.

Here is the list of States conducting polls in Phase 5 along with the list of constituencies.

Bihar – 5 constituencies

  • Sitamarhi
  • Madhubani
  • Muzzafarpur
  • Saran
  • Hajipur (SC)

Jammu & Kashmir – 1 constituency

  • Ladakh

Jharkhand – 4 constituencies

  • Kodarma
  • Ranchi
  • Khunti (ST)
  • Hazaribagh

Madhya Pradesh – 7 constituencies

  • Tikamgarh (SC)
  • Damoh
  • Khajuraho
  • Satna
  • Rewa
  • Hoshangabad
  • Betul (ST)

Rajasthan – 12 constituencies

  • Ganganagar (SC)
  • Bikaner (SC)
  • Churu
  • Jhunjhunu
  • Sikar
  • Jaipur Rural
  • Jaipur
  • Alwar
  • Bharatpur (SC)
  • Karauli – Dholpur (SC)
  • Dausa (ST)
  • Nagaur

Uttar Pradesh – 14 constituencies

  • Dhaurahra
  • Sitapur
  • Mohanlalganj (SC)
  • Lucknow
  • Rae Bareli
  • Amethi
  • Banda
  • Fatehpur
  • Kaushambi (SC)
  • Barabanki (SC)
  • Faizabad
  • Bharaich (SC)
  • Kaiserganj
  • Gonda

West Bengal – 7 constituencies

  • Bangaon
  • Barrackpur
  • Howrah
  • Uluberia
  • Sreerampur
  • Hooghly
  • Arambagh (SC)
Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 - Phase 5 Map
Map of India Depicting Constituencies of 7 States where Polling is going to take place on May 06, 2019.

Some of the big fights to watch out for in Phase 5 of 2019 general elections are:

Constituency: Amethi, U.P.
Candidates to watch: Rahul Gandhi (INC); Smriti Irani (BJP)

This is the most awaited fight in Phase 5 of 2019 general elections, and perhaps what is at stake is Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s political career. The big question is not if he can beat the Union minister Smriti Irani, but what if she wins? A defeat will force Congress to return to the drawing board and review the question of his leadership. In such a scenario, a win in Wayanad, Kerala may not do any wonders for him.

Constituency: Lucknow, U.P
Candidates to watch: Rajnath Singh (BJP); Poonam Sinha (SP)

The BJP is in power in U.P, and its entire strength will be on display in support of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Poonam Sinha, wife of yesteryears actor and former BJP member Shatrughan Sinha, will at best be eating away votes, but probably not enough for an upset.

Constituency: Rae Bareli, U.P
Candidates to watch: Sonia Gandhi (INC); Dinesh Pratap Singh (BJP)

This seat is expected to go Sonia Gandhi’s way but it won’t be as easy as before. Mrs Gandhi has not been in the best of health and has not devoted too much time to the constituency. Dinesh Singh of BJP has been aggressive in this constituency, as he seeks to make a point.

Constituency: Saran, Bihar
Candidates to watch: Rajiv Pratap Rudy (BJP); Chandrika Roy (RJD)

In 2014 Rajiv Rudy defeated Rabri Devi, former Chief Minister and wife of Lalu Yadav (RJD). This time may be no different for Chandrika Roy (RJD).

Constituency: Ranchi, Jharkhand
Candidates to watch: Subodh Kant Sahay (INC); Sanjay Seth (BJP)

Subodh Kant Sahay is a known face in Ranchi having first won the Lok Sabha seat in 1989 on a Janata Dal ticket. He later joined Congress and won in 2004 and 2009. BJP’s Sanjay Seth will find it hard to win against this stalwart.

Constituency: Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
Candidates to watch: Jayant Sinha (BJP); Gopal Prasad Sahu (INC)

Except in 2004, the Sinha family has been holding this seat since 1989 when Jayant Sinha’s father, Yashwant Sinha, first won from Hazaribagh. In 2014, Jayant Sinha won the seat and will probably retain it again.

Constituency: Jaipur Rural, Rajasthan
Candidates to watch: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (BJP); Krishna Poonia (INC)

In 2014, the ex-Army officer and Olympic medal winner Rajyavardhan Rathore had it easy winning 62.44 percent vote share. Presently, the Congress is in power in the state, and there is a general anti-incumbency sentiment against the BJP. Ace Discus thrower Krishna Poonia (INC) may spring a surprise here.

Constituency: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Candidates to watch: Ram Charan Bohra (BJP); Jyoti Khandelwal (INC)

Here again, BJP dominated the 2014 election with Ram Charan Bohra cornering a dominant 66.47 percent vote share. This year he faces a new face from INC, Jyoti Sabharwal who is expected to perform better than her colleague Dr Mahesh Joshi in 2014.

Constituency: Dhaurahra, Rajasthan
Candidates to watch: Jitin Prasada (INC); Rekha Verma (BJP)

Jitin Prasada (INC) is perceived as a rising star within Congress along with other young Turks – Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot. In 2014, Prasada performed poorly against BJP’s Rekha Verma who won the seat. Prasada ranked fourth in terms of total votes. Don’t expect Rekha Verma (BJP) to let go of the seat so easily.

Constituency: Barrackpur, West Bengal
Candidates to watch: Dinesh Trivedi (TMC); Arjun Singh (BJP); Gargi Chatterjee (CPI-M)

Barrackpur (or Barrackpore) is expected to be a close three-cornered contest. Local strongman Arjun Singh is ex-TMC and faces political backlash from the well-entrenched TMC cadres. Dinesh Trivedi remains the favourite while Gargi Chatterjee enjoys popularity in pockets of Left Front supporters who remain loyal. Overall, its advantage Dinesh Trivedi (TMC).

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