Where Are You Staying – India or Bharat?

What inspired me to write this article is the increasing gap between India and Bharat. After Planning Commission adopted the “capitalist formula”, the developed area became “India” and the other became “Bharat,” The gap is still increasing with policies such as the “development of special economic zones”, etc which only focus on the growth in metro cities. The situation is such that a person staying in India can spend Rs 30 on a water bottle and the same amount can be the gross income (per day) of a person staying in Bharat. We, as people staying in India, don’t even realise that the food we throw in our dustbin can save the life of someone dying of hunger.

If we all belong to this one great country, then why are we divided into two? Why are we  living as two nations? Why can’t we all  have the same facilities and opportunities? Why aren’t we developing as one?

Inclusive growth and sustainable development is the need of the day. In spite of  focusing only on metro cities, we should also take into account the backward regions of Bharat where people “die by inches”.

I am not against development in metro cities, but my point is that we need to include those people in this development who are otherwise deprived of the same.  When each Indian has the  right to live gracefully in this country then he/she should be provided with equal opportunities too.