Harmful Effects of Headphones

Harmful Effects of Headphones
Harmful Effects of Headphones. (Representative Image)

One of the most enjoyable activities in life is listening to music. Music can be therapeutic to many it helps people concentrate on their work or have some fun. Travelling and headphones with your favourite playlists are something we all love. Listening to a good podcast and unwinding is a great way to relax while giving your eyes a rest at the end of a long day. All these actions of self-care and recreation mostly require Bluetooth devices such as headphones or earphones. However, the ill effects of these devices on your hearing and health will surprise you.

Here are a few harmful effects of wireless headphones on your ears:

Loss of hearing

The constant usage of headphones at loud levels can harm the hearing ability of your ears. Playing games while talking to friends or listening to music for long periods can lead to a loss of hearing capability among teenagers and kids. Listening to music at high volumes despite the warning can lead to severe implications. A range of 85 decibels for over 8 hours a day while only 15-20 minutes above 115 decibels causes hearing loss.


According to government reports, 300 accidents were recorded last year at the New Delhi railway station due to people walking on the railway tracks without paying attention. Although listening to music while doing some monotonous task feels like the perfect escape, it can be fatal while walking on roads or crossing railway tracks.

Ear infections

Many times people can be seen sharing their earphones while watching a video together or for other reasons. The wax from a person’s ear accumulates on the earbud, leading to dirt germs and bacteria transference. It can be painful and cause discomfort to the user.

There is no denying the advantages of good-quality headphones. Ever since their debut, they’ve been a great hit among people of all ages. You can enjoy your favourite music while taking some precautionary steps.

Always take 5-10 minutes breaks every hour to decrease the effects on the ears. Keep your earphone buds clean, use a cloth or brush to remove the accumulated wax. It is essential for your hygiene and health.