Ghanchakkar Movie Review



Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma, Namit Das

Directed By: Rajkumar Gupta

Music: Amit Trivedi

After No One Killed Jessica and Aamir, one would naturally expect a lot from a Rajkumar Gupta direction. Unfortunately, all our expectations are shattered this time. A UTV Motion Pictures production, Ghanchakkar is a comic-thriller, excessively woven with a row of baffling mysteries. It is an idiosyncratic comic drama that will impress with the onset but will freak you out with its end.

Plot:  The bone-tickling journey begins with a bank robbery by a trio named Sanju, Pandit and Idris.  After successfully completing the robbery, the three of them decide to meet after three months to divide the amount, giving all of it to Sanju till then. There comes a chimerical twist when Sanju forgets everything following an accident. What follows is a demented journey of unsolved mysteries that lead to an absolutely bizarre end.

Performances:  There is no doubt about the fact that Emraan Hashmi has grown exceptionally as an actor. And this proves to be his best performance so far. His ability to enact every emotion perfectly is excellent. Vidya Balan, as a loud Punjabi wife, is quite impressive. With a perfect Punjabi accent and bizarre attire, this talented actress has delivered an outstanding performance. You can’t miss out her typical Punjabi “hain?!” The supporting actors Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das have perfectly complimented the main leads with their hilarious expressions and good comic timing.

Music:  The music album of Ghanchakkar is a short one with just four tracks to look out for. The songs are hilarious and crazy, perfectly in tune with the insane look of the movie. Each and every track has quirky lyrics and entertaining music. Enjoy the music without using brains!

What’s good: Stellar performances by the actors and the witty comic punches make up for a poor ending. The high-end suspense in the movie keeps you glued till the very last scene.

What’s bad: The slow pace of the movie and a disastrous end turn an interesting plot into a bad one.

Ghanchakkar is an insane combination of humor and suspense that leaves you puzzled. Had the climax not been so dumb, this movie would surely have been a super-hit.

Verdict: You can’t make out whether it is the movie or whether you are being actually fooled!

Rating: ** and a 1/2