Here is Why Jack ‘n’ Chill in Greater Kailash Should be Your Weekend Food Hub

Jack 'n’ Chill, Greater Kailash, Delhi
Jack 'n’ Chill is a cafe located in Greater Kailash, Delhi
Jack 'n’ Chill, Greater Kailash, Delhi
Jack ‘n’ Chill is a cafe located in Greater Kailash, Delhi

Jack ‘n’ Jill went up the hill… but hey, what if Jack went to chill instead? Well, don’t worry. I’m not going to re-write a nursery rhyme. Instead, I’m going to tell you about a jewel that I found hidden in the posh locality of Greater Kailash-1 market. I was on a shopping spree when I witnessed a charming, small café, ‘Jack’ n’ Chill’. The first thing that attracted me was the fact that it was an ‘All American Creamery’. As it was nail-biting cold, I decided to warm myself by sitting in front of a heater that they had placed on the small tables, and it was then I read their interesting menu.

A little information about this cute eating joint – ‘Jack ‘n’ Chill’:

– The owner of this All American Creamery is a Delhi Entrepreneur ‘Jack’ who came up with this novel concept. According to him, ‘As Delhi food culture is inclined to North Indian taste, he wanted to open a creamery that would give the audience the authentic taste of American eating culture.

– Apart from a tiny outlet in Greater Kailash 1 M Block market, Delhiites can find this creamery at Karkardooma too. This creamery is no bigger than a booth, so there is a small seating capacity in front of the café wherein you can relish the food. However, if you’re on the go, they serve you the dishes in trendy beakers that you can carry around while you roam as well as savour the dish.

– Kamal, the chef at Greater Kailash outlet, prepares mouth-watering Pizza Fries and Brownie Boom Shake. So, these two are must-have whenever you visit the place. And this is going to cost you and your partner less than INR 600.

As this is an All American Creamery, so be prepared to find out a variety of fries, sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, loaded shakes, coolers and even Jack’s thick shakes. My friend and I were hungry after our shopping spree, so we wanted to gorge on something delicious. Our first pick was ‘Pizza Fries’. Now, the thing that made me grin from ear to ear was the fact that the fries were not served in a conventional box but was presented to us in a beaker.

It reminded us of our Chemistry classes. The best thing about serving the dish like this is the fact that we could roam around while we ate our fries. Now, let’s come back to the dish itself. The fries tasted terrific. They were crisp to the right extent and were also loaded with pizza sauce as well as mayonnaise. Both these sauces gave the fries an authentic pizza touch.

The quantity of the fries was amazing and was worth every single penny. A word of caution – eat the fries slowly. The dish is extremely heavy and fills you up in no time because the fries are loaded with the sauces.

After we had tried the fries, I was kind of curious about one dish mentioned in the menu, and it was ‘Hash Brown Vegetable Burger’. Now, it seemed like a hash brown would be served in a burger, but I was proved wrong the moment it was served to us. The buns were not light brown like in ordinary burgers, but they were black. On being asked, Kamal told that the buns were prepared by using edible activated charcoal. We tasted the burger, and it felt like we’re eating any normal burger.

Apart from having charcoal buns, the rest of the burger was quite conventional. It had a flat brown patty stuffed in between the buns with usual toppings of lettuce, onion and tomato slices. Apart from that, a small number of classic fries were also served with the burger. The burger was not massive; hence it is advisable that if there’re going to be two or more people, order another dish.

We were quite full, but we still wanted to try at least one shake. Hence, we ordered ‘Brownie Boom Shake’. As the name suggests, the shake was full of chocolate and was topped with brownie chunks that made it more delicious.

The shake is a meal in itself, plus it is served in a king-size bottle, so order depending upon how much you can drink. The shake had a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness from the chocolate. The brownies were smeared in a chocolate sauce that made them worth every bite. One thing that I loved about the shake was that there was no whipped cream in it. What a relief! But at the same time, I didn’t like the glass smeared with tutti frutti. So, if like me you’re not a tutti frutti fan, ask them not to use it.

All in all, I loved this creamery to my fullest. The dishes were served in huge quantity, and they were reasonably cheap. Another thing that I loved about this creamery is that they have tried to maintain the authentic American eating style and the dishes are not Indianised. So, I chilled and enjoyed this place and their menu thoroughly. Now, it’s your turn.