Wood Box Café, Indirapuram | The Cafe Serves Dishes in a Box and Meal for 2 at Rs 900

Food Served at Wood Box Café, Indirapuram Ghaziabad
Food Served at Wood Box Café, Indirapuram

As I’m putting up in Noida, I’m always on the lookout for cafés here so that I don’t have to go all the way to Satya Niketan or Hudson Lane to pacify my cravings. While I was researching for cafés in Noida, it was then that I came across a chain of Wood Box Café present at Indirapuram. Without thinking for another second, I, along with my husband, went to check out Wood Box Café. Here is what I found out about the place.

Where is Wood Box Café?

The one we went to is the third outlet of the cafe in Delhi NCR, but Wood Box Café branches are present at Hudson Lane and Satya Niketan too. It’s very famous among college students due to its quirky décor as well as low prices. At the same time, it is visited highly by people from all walks of life due to its delicious food.

Mr Manvinder, the owner of the Wood Box Café franchise at Indirapuram, believes that Noida still needs a café culture as many cafés are not present here due to which people have to travel to Delhi. He has tried to maintain the décor as well as the eating experience of Wood Box Café as present in the other outlets.

How much you will end up spending at Wood Box Café?

It cost my husband and me approx-Rs 900 for a delightful café experience. I have already been to Wood Box Café at Hudson Lane. Hence, I had already set my expectations high and to be honest; I wasn’t disappointed. I wanted to go for my regular order, but Mr Manvinder persuaded me to try out the Herbivores platter. The platter was too much to handle but in the right way.

What’s unique in Wood Box Café?

The platter consisted of veg dimsums, veg dragon rolls, chilli potatoes, mini burger, peri-peri mayo fries, grilled vegetables and cheese garlic bread with two dips. The platter was beautiful and delicious to the core. The quantity was generous that too at the cost of nothing. All the items had got a considerable amount of volume. Frankly, this platter is for 3-4 people.

Every item was excellent and cooked to the level of perfection. Be it dimsums or dragon rolls, both had authentic Chinese flavour in them, and they were not at all Indianised. The garlic bread was different as compared to what you might have eaten at Dominos. The bread was in the shape of a pizza slice and was loaded with cheese and baked until it was brown—the food melted in the mouth. The fries were crisp to the core, and the mayo sauce enhanced the taste. Chilli potatoes were a mixture of chilli and sweetness. Hence, they made the dish amazing in taste. Chilli potatoes should be on your must to buy list the next time you decide to visit the café. But make sure that you take your gang along with you so that you can finish this large platter.

Next on our order was Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza. Unlike other pizzas, that are typically round in shape, Wood Box Café serves pizza in a rectangular shape. The pizza was amazing too. The toppings were of adequate amount and nor once did it feel like they were over the top. The chicken topping was juicy and had a taste of their own. The pizza size was also big enough to be finished by two people. I liked that they kept the tradition of Wood Box Café and served their dishes in wooden platters/boxes.

As far as the shakes were concerned, we kept it simple and minimal. We ordered for one Hazelnut Frappe. Though I wished that they should have had hot coffee in their menu too, but still Hazelnut Frappe wasn’t a bad deal either. People who like their coffee milky and sugary may be a little disappointed as this coffee is a bit strong and bitter. But I liked the coffee as that’s how I want to have it.

I’m glad that Noida too has its Wood Box Café. At the same time, I’m happy that my experience in terms of eating, both at Hudson Lane and Indirapuram have been the same. My experience establishes that the Wood Box Café is consistent in the quality of serving food.

I am looking forward to more experiences in this cafe.