The Big Chill Cafe in CP is Your Guide to Exploring Italian Delicacies

The Big Chill Cafe in CP is Your Guide to Exploring Italian Delicacies
It's time for Italiano!
The Big Chill Cafe in CP is Your Guide to Exploring Italian Delicacies
It’s time for Italiano!

When we talk about Italian food, pizza is the first thing that comes to our mind. Well, this blog is no different. This time I’m presenting in front of you, pizza and pasta from one of the finest eating joints, i.e. ‘The Big Chill’ Cafe Connaught Place, New Delhi. This eating joint serves a tasty variety of pizzas which is a delight for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. However, I tasted ‘Chickonara’ pizza, and it was amazing.

Just like the name suggests, this pizza is loaded with chicken. This pizza has three types of toppings that are all of the chicken pieces. It consists of chicken salami, smoked chicken frankfurters and chicken meatballs. Apart from these toppings, you would find that the pizza is loaded with cheese. However, you won’t find other toppings like onion, capsicum, tomatoes, and so on, so don’t expect a Dominos pizza here. This is an authentic Italian pizza. The crust is very thin, just like paper and you won’t find the presence of any spices that would give the pizza an Indianized touch.

Even though the sauces present in the pizza give it a taste of its own and won’t let you feel that the pizza is bland in flavour, still a sprinkle of chilli flakes and oregano would add to the taste of the pizza. Although, if you’re a big fan of Indianized version of pizza, you will find that even though this pizza is delicious and is of the right size, still it won’t be fulfilling if you don’t accompany another dish or drink with it.

As the dish was delicious (no doubt about it) but didn’t leave us with the feeling of up till the brim, we ordered ‘Chicken Pasta’ too. Now, pasta at ‘The Big Chill’ is not served with garlic bread or toast, but a toasted multigrain bun, and it’s beautiful. The multigrain bun is of average size and is smeared with butter. We ordered for ‘Chicken Pasta’ in red sauce. Unlike kinds of pasta eaten at other joints, this pasta was not loaded with chilis. The taste was right and to the point. The chicken chunks were too of adequate amount and could be tasted in almost every bite. The sauce, in which the pasta is cooked, is neither too much (that it would be left in the dish) and neither it was less (that the pasta would not feel nicely cooked). Chunks of olives served as topping in this dish served with the right taste. The quantity was enough and could be easily shared by two people.

If you’re in ‘The Big Chill’ café and you didn’t order for their yummy shakes, then you are missing the fun part of being there. We ordered for ‘Belgian Chocolate Shake’. Warning: please order this shake with a lot of caution. No, no it’s not bad! It’s Wow. However, the shake is too thick and is way too fulfilling. My friends and I (on our first visit) committed the mistake of ordering ‘Chickonara pizza’, ‘Pasta’ and three ‘Belgian Chocolate Shakes’ (as we were three in number). By the end of half of our shake, we’re so full that we could neither finish the pasta nor the shake. Hence, please be careful and order accordingly.

‘Belgian Chocolate Shake’ is one of the most recommended shakes in ‘The Big Chill Café’. This shake is very thick and does complete justice to its name. The shake is loaded with scoops of ‘Belgian Chocolate ice cream’ that is very nicely prepared into a shake. This is the biggest USP of the shakes present in this café. One dish accompanied with this shake is a full meal in itself. The quantity of this shake is excellent, and it is served in a towering glass.

So, the next time you see this joint, you know that you’ve to try the authentic and lip-smacking dishes present in this café. To savour the delicacies to their fullest, you should be hungry because you won’t be able to enjoy the plates to the pinnacle if you already have had your meal. So, go guys and try out this joint and especially the mentioned dishes.