Hotel Samrat, Skooter- Disc review.

On December 31st, I, my wife (Bhavana), my cousin (Ankur) and my Bhabhi (Shivani) decided to go to Skooter, as we were both newly wed and wanted to have a good time with our better halves on New Year. It was my half day in office, so I packed my bag on time and went home. We all were very excited about Skooter as it is one of the top discs in Delhi. When we reached there, we saw many bouncer’s who were six and a half feet tall or more. I was not surprised by the bouncers but the number of them. Trust me they were too many.

When we entered, it looked just like a regular disc and music was pretty average. People were just standing in groups not dancing. I told my brother “thakela hai bhai yeh toh”. At 9.00 pm the music became louder and better and not to mention the crowd too. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves a lot. One thing you have to beleive that “Sharab pee nahi ja rahe the bahh rahe the”. It was a very hep crowd and only English songs were playing for some time, it was good but we didn’t like the DJ very much. Then Honey Singh’s songs started and everyone were on their feet then. We enjoyed that too but again the beats song started. I don’t know what the DJ was doing as he should have played what we wanted. All appetizers’s looked and tasted the same. We enjoyed, but not near to the expectation I had of Skooter.

All in all I will give Skooter 4/10. Good ambience but not good music which is the need of every disc