STARBUCKS: Is it the coffee or the hype?

Starbucks Outlet at Cannaught Place
Starbucks Outlet at Connaught Place
Starbucks Outlet at Connaught Place

With so much of buzz about Starbucks amongst the Delhiites, it won’t be wrong to call it the most charged-up place in Delhi. The recent opening of this American coffee chain in the heart of the city has smitten coffee lovers so much so that these, usually impatient delhi-walas, are willing to wait for hours for a cup of coffee. Long queues at the site speak loudly about how eagerly people have waited for a Starbucks outlet in Delhi! Well, Only a true Starbucks fan can understand the zeal of seeing Starbucks in India!

What is Starbucks?

For those who don’t know, Starbucks is an American Global Coffee-house Chain stationed in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest coffee-house company in the world with 20,891 stores spread across 62 countries.

Starbucks History

Since 1971, Starbucks has been devotedly retailing and roasting the highest quality of coffee in the world. In India, Starbucks has collaborated with Tata Global Beverages with a 50:50 joint venture to operate Starbucks outlets in India. It has a total number of eight outlets in the country. The first outlet of Tata Starbucks in India was opened in Mumbai, Maharashtra in October 2012. Expanding its presence to Delhi, Starbucks opened four outlets here; two at the Terminal III of the IGI airport and the recent ones at Connaught Place and Select Citywalk,  Saket.

Starbucks Menu – What makes it special?

Starbucks serves some truly exceptional coffee that are too scarce to be found everywhere. These coffees italicize robust flavors and invigorating aromas that mesmerizer the senses. The variety of coffee that Starbucks offers will just baffle your mind. From Espressos, Cappuccinos, Mochas to Frappuccinos and Tea, you will find them all. For those who like to munch something along, there a number of options on the menu. A good variety of muffins, sandwiches, rolls and cakes are offered to gratify your taste buds! The menu has been designed keeping the Indian palette in mind, therefore foods like Murg Makhni pie and Mutton seekh are also included.

Interiors of Starbucks Outlet at Connaught Place

The Starbucks outlets at the Terminal III did not create such a hype since they were only accessible by the ones traveling. But the recent opening at Connaught Place opened the doors to all! This new store is packed with a huge crowd throughout the day. People have to wait outside in long queues for their turn to go inside. But, Starbucks is courteous enough to offer a free glass of mint tea to make them feel at ease. The ambiance of the place has a rustic feel to it with a distinct Indian imprint. The concrete walls have been left in their natural texture without glossy paints over them. Cobwebs made up of jute ropes and twisted tyres are hung over the ceiling and the unpolished furniture to give it an Indian-ized look. Free access to Wi-fi is also available . The seating arrangement is not good, you may have to look around for a couple of minutes before you can settle down. Only the food items are served on the table, you need to get the drinks yourself.

The look and the design of the stores in India is very much different from that abroad.  Nonetheless, having Starbucks in India is a proud moment in itself. It will also prove beneficial to India as a global market. Months after the opening, long queues outside the cafè just don’t seem to end. Making it very obvious that Starbucks fans just can’t get enough of it!

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Location of Starbucks in Delhi

Starbucks, Saket

Starbucks, Connaught Place

Starbucks, IGI Airport