How to Cook the Perfect Pasta

Fusilli in Red Sauce
Quest for The Perfect Pasta
Fusilli in Red Sauce
Quest for The Perfect Pasta

Quest for the perfect pasta begins with a statement and a commitment to it. The Statement: It would be a full of flavor  dish, which is definitely not sum of its parts and is rather a unified whole dish in itself. Commitment, every ingredient must talk to all others and transfer its flavor. This decided, sauce and water become carriers of flavor. It is important to cook pasta in a tomato soup of sorts, essentially few herbs, salt, olives, bell peppers and tomato puree and water make for the stock to boil pasta in. This water itself becomes a base for the sauce. Once we do this part, all ingredients are introduced to other flavors and are well tempered.

Another common oversight which happens is with portion of vegetables and meat to be added. There is no hard and fast rule on what should be the ratio between vegetables, meat and pasta per se. However, it is important to know whether you are making an entrée or a salad. If you are making an entrée, count your veggies and meat, flavor is already inside the spirals and there is no need for an overkill.  If you keep ingredients other than pasta to four, it is perfect. With pasta more the merrier thought in respective to add-ons seldom works.

Do take care while mixing sauce and pasta, using a tong to mix it delicately is always a better option than mixing it with a big kitchen spoon or for that matter a ladle. Enjoy!

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