Underdoggs Sports Bar Review- Vasant Kunj (Ambience Mall)

Everyone was brainstorming on where we could go for my cousins (Akash) birthday. Finally we all ( Bhavana, Aanchal, Ankur, Shivani, Ashish, Veenu, Durgesh, and Ambika ) decided on Underdoggs. This was not the first time I was going there, but yes this was the first time I was not going to pay the bill as it was my cousins birthday celebration and he was giving us a treat two months after his birthday.

Underdoggs is essentially a sports pub in which you can have good food and also a good time if you like indoor sports. As we were about to enter the pub a girl who was really very drunk was standing outside while her friends were holding her. The drunk girl kept repeating on how much she loved her friends . The one thing I found very amusing was when I overheard her telling her friend “My fatherrrrrrrr didn’t give me a Mercedes, he gave me a Civic and I don’t like the Civic.” I just said OMG to myself and entered the pub.

The indoor sports options available there are billiards, chess, table tennis, hand hockey, and a few punching bags. I really like this place since it is very unique. There are a lot of LED TV’s in the pub which play sports channels (obviously). I will rate the food 7/10, but I will give the ambiance 10/10 for its theme. We also played billiards, though we didn’t know what we were doing, since the ball kept bouncing off the table. There was a Manchester United match going on, but since we were not interested in the match, we kept hooting and cheering as soon as a player scored a goal or when we saw the crowds in the pub cheering excitedly. After we left Underdoggs we had a coffee at CCD since we were all were very high. I really like Underdoggs since it energizes me just by its ambiance.