Meditate your way to the Divine!



Meditation Benefits

Meditation is the certain salve for the distraught and distressed humanity.  It has truly endured the test of time. East or west, the long cherished practices of meditation have become an integral part of the religious traditions.  The practice of meditation introduces us to the  self. We establish direct contact with what happens within us.  It is very essential to have knowledge of the body. The purpose of meditation is to arouse and develop the powers of the psyche.  Meditation is an attempt to carry energy upwards.  It is like a submarine to enter the dark waters of the mind far below the glittering surface of consciousness.

The mind is nothing but a flow of thoughts.  It is not in our hands to stop this flow.   Concentration and strong resolve are necessary tools to achieve a thoughtless state.  Regularity and sincerity of devotional practices brings about purity and single-pointedness making the mind fit for higher stages of meditation. Peace comes to the mind when we acknowledge the presence of the almighty.  Meditative prayer is the simplest and the most effective method to inculcate a personal relation with God.  Daily prayer transforms our life, which is full of trifles and pettiness, to a sincere commitment to God so that even the way we live, in itself, becomes a prayer offering.

In today’s world, not many people find time to pray. Even the ones who do pray are in a terrible hurry.  The power of every day prayer is boundless.  It can help us experience great spiritual heights.  Such moments of grace may be rare but they could lift us,  giving a fresh insight into the lows of life.  This insight is possible only if we pray meditatively.  Despite of praying earnestly and following all the rituals of praying, one often fails to attain peace.  This is because even though your body prays, the mind is far away.  One needs to realize that a true prayer comes from within.  A union of the mind and the body is essential for praying. Thus, to attain ultimate bliss,  you must start our day with meditation.  And if you go on the right track,  you will find God’s blessings and love showering on you.