10 Famous Indian Hindi Cartoon Characters

Famous Indian Hindi Cartoon Characters

Long before when Netflix or Amazon Prime became a rage, people used to rely on TV shows for their daily dose of entertainment. These days the trend of watching television is declining amongst teenagers. However, kids are still a fan of cartoon shows and watching cartoons is a favourite pastime. So, as soon as munchkins reach home after a tiresome day at school, they grab the remote and switch on their favourite cartoon show. This was the norm when Doordarshan ruled TV and so is today, in the age of Netflix. These days kids have a plethora of cartoons to watch, but are all of these cartoons good enough? Well, too many options may not appear counterproductive to children. So, we have tried to pick up some popular Hindi cartoons which your kids can watch and also learn about some of the famous personalities that they are based on.

1. Motu Patlu (Motu Patlu) – Adapted from the popular comic strip featured on the hot pot magazine, the TV show Motu Patlu is one of the finest sources of entertainment for children. As it appears from the name, Motu is a food freak; his weakness is samosa and all other oily foods. On the other hand, his friend Patlu is lean and quirky. They both live in a fictional city named Furfuri Nagar and always try to handle arising situations suddenly. Motu is prone to troubles and it is Patlu who is his rescuer.

Motu and Patlu teach children about the values of friendship.

2. Chota Bheem (Chota Bheem) – Chota Bheem, the famous Hindi cartoon, needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular cartoon characters amongst the kids. Bheem, who was one of the five Pandavas, was well known for his valour, bravery and intelligence. In the cartoon Chota Bheem, the character is nine-years-old and portrays the childhood of Bheem. He puts up in a fictional village named Dholakpur and safeguards the villagers from all kinds of approaching dangers. The TV show outlines how Bheem and his friends righteously face problems and emerge victorious in the end.

Other than Bheem, his friends Raju, Kaliya and Chutki are also quite popular amongst the children. It is because of Bheem and his love for laddoo that various kids have also started eating the Indian sweet dish and relishing its taste.

3. Kris (Roll number 21) – A modern approach to the story of Lord Krishna and his mighty uncle Kansa can be seen in the show Roll no 21. The names and consequences of the characters have also been modified keeping in mind the contemporary approach. Kris, the reincarnation of Lord Krishna, is a school going student who sabotages the plans of his Principal Kanishk, the man who wants to take control over whole of Mathura and the world as well. Kris, with his wit and intelligence, obstructs the plans and efforts of Kanishk.

Children love to watch the playful nature of Kris and try to acquire his sharp wit as well.

4. Kumbh Karan (Kumbh Karan) – The name of the cartoon show gives an impression that it is about Ramayan’s character Kumbhakaran. However, the show is not related to Ramayan, rather is based on the life of twin brothers Kumbh and Karan. Kumbh is a superfoody lazy guy who sleeps half a year. Nothing but the aroma of delicious food can wake him up. On the other hand, Karan, who is an active and willowy kid, is interested in adventure. Kumbh, Karan, their pet porcupine Kaddu and their friend Tara tackle various situations throughout the series. The quest of these kids is filled with a lot of adventure and fun.

5. Little Krishna (Little Krishna) – This exciting animated cartoon character piqued the interest of kids as well as their parents when it was aired in May 2009 on Nickelodeon. The show is about the childhood adventures of Lord Krishna and is a blend of legend and humour. It is said to be a content-rich show as the episodes were based on the research work by Iskcon Bangalore. The protagonist Krishna and his playful activities are highlighted in each episode of the show which provides a glimpse of the early life of the Lord.

6. Sally (Sally Bollywood) – This show is one of a kind; it is one of the spiciest cartoon shows. The protagonist Sally is the owner of an investigation bureau. She is an active female detective who runs her investigation organisation in the basement of her home and solves cases using different technology. Sally is also an adventurous girl taking on new challenges everyday, which she does in style dancing to the tunes of Bollywood songs. Sally is a perfect example of beauty with brains.

7. Birbal (Akbar and Birbal) – The show Akbar and Birbal is based on the life of the historical king Akbar and his minister Birbal. Birbal was the wisest of all wise men in Akbar’s court. The legends of Akbar and Birbal have been extremely popular throughout history. Birbal, the man with a sharp wit, has to face challenging situations brought in front of King Akbar throughout the show. Children love to watch the way Birbal unfurls every aspect of the situation while handling it. This show is enetertaining as well as educational as it boosts the intellect of children.

8. Tenali Raman (The Adventures of Tenali Raman) – This Indian TV series gained worldwide popularity after being aired on Cartoon Network. Tenali Raman, an extremely popular character in Indian folk tales, comics, and cartoons, was a courtier in the kingdom of king Krishnadevaraya. The show is based on the adventures undertaken by Tenali Raman which is both educative as well as amusing.

9. Doggy Don (Pakdam Pakdai) – The show Pakdam Pakdai can be called as the Indian version of the show “Oggy and the cockroaches”. It showcases the chase between Doggy Don and three little mice Chotu, Motu, and Lambu. It is the dialogues and the way of delivering them that has children hooked to the show. This entertaining show teaches children how to enjoy every situation and moment no matter how challenging it is.

10. Anthony (Chor Police) – Anthony, also known as the Robinhood Slumdog of Mumbai, is a good thief who follows the principle of stealing things from those who have them in excess and giving it to the poor. Anthony is chased by muscular Sardar inspector Lovely who decided to join Police force after failing to be an actor. However, at the end of almost every episode Anthony successfully evades the crime scene.

Not to be missed is the fabulous collection of stories from Panchtantra. Kids love to watch animated series based on these short stories. Every story provides them with a moral lesson too apart from entertainment. It also provides them with a glimpse of ancient Indian civilisation. However, Panchtantra stories have only animals as protagonist as well as characters.

Children are addicted to cartoons, they try to acquire the behaviour of their favourite characters, and also imitate them but it is parents who have to make their children aware of the bright side of these characters. So, next time your munchkin watches these cartoons make sure you highlight the positive aspects of them to your kids.