Do you fight in front of your kids?

Are you the kind of parents who fight a lot and that too in front of your kids? Or you are a kind of couple who remains silent when upset with each other for most of the times and still feel that your kid won’t notice your silence? In both the cases it is your kid who is going to suffer and that too not for a day or so but for his or her entire life. Chronic anger has harmful effect on children, their physical as well as psychological development.

Effect of parental fights in front of kids

It has been proved that children growing under such circumstances develop psychological problems. Also they develop a problem of adjustment in their lives. Such children are often seen in a tensed mood and worried.

Children get frightened very easily if their up brining is in an environment where they see  lots of arguments between their parents. Almost all children considers their  parents as their role model and if the role model is not playing the role he or she is supposed to play then it will do only harm.

Parental fight can weaken the psychological development of a child.

Such kids eventually lose their interest in studies and other activities and become completely reserved.

In worst case scenarios, some kids start blaming themselves for the quarrel between their parents.

What they see is what they learn. If they keep on seeing fights then obviously you are teaching them how to fight. Now either they will grow up as an individual full of anger or they will do anything to avoid heated arguments. Both the extremes are not normal.

Such kids always feel very insecure.

What to do in such a situation?

According to one research occasional heated arguments, which end up in a problem-solving situation is not bad. These are considered to be healthy and good. But avoid yelling or screaming at each other. This will also teach your kids that life always is not good but consists of patches containing both good and bad. In such a situation they will come to know about the emotions related to anger. But make it a point that arguments are occasional not daily in nature.

Try to avoid certain topics in front of children.

Apologize to your kids but do not make it a daily practice as then there won’t be any effect of it. Give them assurance that you won’t fight or shout at full volume and stick to that.

Give your children an opportunity to speak to you.

Parents should be mature enough to handle the conflicts among themselves. They should peacefully understand each other’s view point and try handling the situation in a same manner.

Think twice next time you fight in front of your kids. Think that you are distorting the harmony of your kid’s life instead of making it. Ask yourself that who is more important to you- your kid or winning an argument? Only you can control yourself so control yourself or ruin the life of your kid.