The Circus is Back in Pakistan.

I don’t know who is running Pakistan, is it the Prime Minister, President, Supreme Court Judge, Defense Commander or the Taliban? I appreciate this country because in spite of so much instability, Pakistan is still one nation, unlike other civil war affected nations like Somalia or Sudan.

Pervez Musharraf is doing what is needed at this hour saying “I am proud of Kargil”. This can symbolize two things; he can do this thing again and second he will lose again. In my earlier article I had already written that for the past 25 years, the India-Pakistan story doesn’t seem to end.

The so called Pakistan government is planning elections and all the weak politicians like Zardari(blamed for misusing funds), Parvez Musharraf (Misused his power and implemented emergency few years back) and Imraan Khan (Blamed for illegal marriage) are in the race. Even Zardari’s son fled Pakistan a few days back due to security reasons. I am not seeing any negative or the positive reaction from the Pakistani youth; they are busy in downloading Hindi film songs and movies.

At least they will be busy for few months and will not plan any terrorist activity against India. India and Pakistan got independence at the same time but Pakistan is still not a perfect democracy as India is. The problem is that they took the route of a security state, whereas India took the route of Secular state.

It is high time Pakistan should have ONE strong leader who uses the national treasure in very effective way, be it Imran Khan or Musharraf. After what’s happening in North Korea, USA will definitely remove its hand from the Pakistan, as Pakistani scientists gave nuclear bomb blueprints to North Korea. This nation deserves much better prosperity than it has seen in the last 2 decades. I also hope and pray that India and Pakistan should now live like two close brothers once again.