Every Indian is Sick of Hearing These Stereotypes Held by Foreigners

Land of Stereotypes: True or False
Land of Stereotypes: True or False

Land of spices or not, our country is definitely a land of stereotypes. A breeding ground of it, actually. With lakhs of foreign tourists coming here each year, it is only natural that they would form some kind of image about India. But some of their perceptions are so outrageous that they can strike us Indians fiendishly funny or even downright crazy. Are we what we were 50 years ago? Of course, not. Is their opinion about us same as it was then? Sadly, yes. So, it’s up to us to put these false common beliefs to rest every chance we get. You might want to know what these common stereotypes about India are before you set an ignorant tourist straight. So, here’s the list…

1. India is a Land of Snake Charmers

Oh no, it is not. We hardly see anyone making snakes dancing to their tunes these days. For what it worths, snake charming has been banned in India for years. Moreover, this practice is mostly a thing of Rajasthan. That too of a particular nomadic Kalbeliya tribe that dwells there. It’s clearly the time to move on from labelling India as the biggest hub for serpents.

2. Indians are Poor but Happy

They click some slum kids running around smiling and conclude that we’re just a bunch of poor happy people. Slumdog Millionaire made it even worse. Sure, poverty is one of the main concern of the country, but the biggest population group in the country falls in the category of middle class, which concerns itself with appearance and status. And, for what it’s worth, some of the richest people in the world are Indians. Ambanis, hello?

3. All Indian Women Wear Sarees

Many do, but not all. And, nowadays saree is becoming something one wears for traditional occasions only, like marriages. It’s slowly fading from the scene. In cities, most have switched to jeans and other western attires for both casual and party scenes. Some girls, nowadays, don’t even know how to drape one. Arguably, this stereotype needs to be laid to rest once and for all.

4. Indian Cuisine is Spicy

India is so diverse that anything that gets said would hover around a blanket statement. But we can see where it is coming from in case of fare. Punjabi food is common in the restaurant both here and abroad. So, the notion of spicy tikkas and curry gets attached to the whole country. In reality, different regions of the country have different ideas about food and their own set of menus. Not all of them are spicy, mind you. While the south vehemently uses coconut and rice, eastern parts like Kolkata rely on seafood like prawns and fishes for the main meal. A curry or even spicy food is hardly a correct representation of Indian cuisine. May this reality dawn upon them soon.

5. All Indians are Good at Yoga

Good at yoga? Many don’t even practice it, let alone be good at it. Really, yoga can’t be learned in one day, it takes months or even years of practice. And, most of us have a hectic life, trying to meet ends, that we hardly get time to meet our hands with toes, ahem, do yoga asanas. So, there is that.

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