Here is How India has the Biggest Humanitarian Aid Network During COVID-19

Here is How India has the Biggest Humanitarian Aid Network During COVID-19
Several NGOs and even individuals are coming forward to help in this time of lockdown crisis.
Here is How India has the Biggest Humanitarian Aid Network During COVID-19
Several NGOs and even individuals are coming forward to help in this time of lockdown crisis.

The confirmed novel coronavirus cases in India surged on Monday as total confirmed cases reached 17,265, according to the health ministry data on April 20, 2020. The novel coronavirus outbreak has thrown almost the entire world, including India into enormous health and humanitarian crises. After the initial lockdown period, it has further been extended to May 3,  During lockdown 2.0, daily wagers and stranded labourers are the worst-hit as their means of earning their daily income have come to a standstill due to COVID-19. Currently, the poorest and the most marginalised are in grave need of food, shelter and healthcare.

No work for labours

The daily wagers are not getting any work during the lockdown phase. Therefore, a huge number of labourers are not able to arrange a two-time meal for their families.

But several individuals and NGOs have shown humanity from the core of their hearts, and they are helping such needy people across the country at a war footing pace. People of all religions, caste, and creed are supporting from their ends so that no one could sleep without food. This shows the country’s ‘unity in diversity’ culture.

Here are some of the examples of humanity by NGOs and individuals in the time of crisis.

Lockdown Crisis: NGOs and individuals show humanity to feed  poor countrymen

United help

Several organisations in Dehradun like the National Association for Parents and Students Rights (NAPSR), Mothers Angels Children Society (MAC), Jagatbandhu Sewa Trust, Amulya Jivan Sanstha, Dar-0E1-Akram educational society and so on have been distributing cooked food to 500 stranded labours. While serving, volunteers maintained physical distance and also asked people to take all precautionary measures to keep the COVID-19 at bay. Besides providing cooked food to the poor, volunteers were also distributing masks and sanitisers to the needy people.

Dual work for policemen

Police officers are working round the clock, apart from maintaining law and order, they are actively providing food and other essential items like ration, and drinking water to the destitute in Dehradun. The men in khakis are doing the same social work in Kerala,  Delhi, UP and other states. Police officers of Delhi are arranging food for those who have lost their livelihood during the shutdown period. UP police are also busy in the distribution of rations to the needy people. So, our cops are providing cooked food and other essential items door to door so that nobody comes out from their home during the lockdown period.

Women lend their hands to help the poor

Women Self Help Groups in India have shown tremendous courage to help those who are in need during the novel coronavirus pandemic. They are providing masks, sanitisers and other protective equipment to the needy people. They are running 10,000 community kitchens across the country to arrange cooked food for the destitute and the stranded labourers. Apart from this, over 20,000 SHG women have produced more than 19 million cotton masks.

The Sikh community organises langar

In the wake of lockdown 2.0, the Sikh community has been organising langars in sub-urban Mumbai and other places to provide free cooked food to the daily wage earners and others who are affected by the lockdown. To feed the poor, langars (free kitchen) are being organised in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi apart from Mumbai. Officials of Gurudwara Majnu ka Tilla in Delhi have asked the Delhi government to use its rooms as isolation wards and quarantine centres for the treatment of coronavirus positive patients.

Roti bank feeds 500-700 people daily

The student body of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Students’ Islamic Organisation of India along with some other organisations are distributing food packets to the stranded labourers in various areas of Maharashtra. The Roti (Bread) Bank, an NGO of Bhopal, has been working diligently to provide food to the needy people at the time of COVID-19 crisis. An overall of 500 to 700 hungry people are having their meals every day at the centre.

Industrialists, film stars and people of all walks of life are not behind to help the poor of the country.

SEEDS helps health workers

SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) a non-profit organisation has been reaching out to the people in states like Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha and Uttarakhand. The volunteers of the organisation are helping the health workers by providing sanitisers, masks and other essential kits and supporting them in the set up of temporary quarantine facilities.

NGOs, along with individuals, have left no stone unturned to help the poor and stranded labourers all over the country. People are showing lots of humanity towards our poor brethren and sisters. Despite this, the requirement is much more so extra push up is needed to provide help to all the poor of the country in the time of difficulty.

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