Shimla Tour By Bike

Shimla Tour By Bike

My friends and I are very fond of long bike tours. In the month of March 2011, when ICC Cricket world cup was in progress four of us friends (I, Rahul, Naveen, Sandy) made a plan of touring to Shimla & Manali from New Delhi. But, that time, I was in Gwalior with my family & my friends were in Delhi. So we decided that one friend will accompany me from Gwalior to Delhi. Firstly we need permission from our family sides, our families were against our bike tours, because there was so much risk involved in that tour, so I had to a lie that I will go till Shimla and kept the Manali tour hidden. After a struggle of 10 day I got the green signal & other friends also got permission, only I & Sandy told our family that we were going by bike and other told that they will hire a car.

So on 30th March 2011, My Friend Naveen, after watching the Indo- Pak semifinal Match, boarded train from New Delhi station to Gwalior at 10:50 p.m. He was very excited because India was in the Finals & we planned to watch the final in the city of hills, Shimla, so he reached Gwalior 4 a.m. I packed my bag & tied it to the bike. We started our journey on my bike at 6’o Clock in the morning and reached Dwarka, New Delhi at 3 P.M. where other friends were waiting for us. We took a rest of one hour at Sandy’s place and started our journey towards Shimla on two Pulsar (180CC & 135 CC) bikes Via GT Road. At 7 p.m. I felt tired so we spent our night at a guest house in Karnal (Haryana).

At 6’o Clock Next morning, we started our journey and took a shortcut from Ambala to reach Shimla to save some time & Distance. But in actual, that shortcut takes more time and we managed to reach Shimla at 3 p.m. The road condition from Delhi to Ambala was good, and road from Ambala to Shimla via short cut was fair. After covering about 700 km of distance (from Gwalior to Shimla) we reached the destination. As we entered Shimla many hotel agents were standing on the road waiting for the customer, some of them surrounded us and showed us their hotel catalogues.  I took off my helmet & started discussing with them, My friends told me that we should go to some hotel directly, so I moved forward but forgot to put on my helmet back, on the very first red light a traffic constable stopped me and fined me of 100 INR. So after crossing so many hurdles & Searching for many hotels, we booked a big room in a budget hotel. After taking a bath we got ready and decided to take a walk on famous mall road, after 15 minutes of walk, we reached mall road, the road was crowded and there were so many shops on mall road, especially branded showroom & restaurants. We spent about one & half hour on mall road and get back to our hotel. We had dinner in the hotel & fell deep sleep after a very tiring day.

On Next day, 2nd April we woke up at 7 am, the weather was so cold. We went for a morning walk, it was such a good weather which made us keep on walking for around 5 km and as a result we came back to the hotel after 2 hours. After the walk, we got ready around 10 a.m. We left our hotel & were waiting for the start of World cup final match between India & Sri Lanka. So Till 1 pm we roamed around mall road, took many photographs. On Mall Road we saw an advertisement of a club in which the final match was going to be telecast on a giant screen. So we occupied our seats in that club. We got our faces painted with tricolour & waited for the start of the match. After India’s victory, we celebrated in the club & headed toward our hotel. Many tourists were celebrating on the way so we joined them. After celebrating so hard, we reached hotel in the midnight.

Our Shimla tour came to the end. I liked some of the things about the city, the view in the night is very good when lights are illuminated as well as at the time of sunrise, the view of the city is simply awesome, the very first look of sun coming out of the mountains . The people are generous, city is very clean, especially the mall road, poly bags are totally banned, you have to pay fine if you spit or throw garbage on the Mall Road.

Personally I don’t like Shimla as a tourist place, if you want to go for shopping with the family then city is good. But if you are going with college friends you may not like the city. Still it was a good experience as I had a great company,  i.e. my friends, and the bikes added a big spice too making it a tour to remember. On 3rd April in the morning at 9’o clock we got ready for our next destination Manali.

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