Terrorist Attacks in India – New use of cycle

The cycle was a mode of transport for many Indians and the story is still pretty much the same. A common man, especially a person from lower middle class and lower class goes to work on a cycle. Another thing that he carries with him is his tiffin. It is really astonishing when this simple two wheeler with a lunch box gets transformed into a death carrier. Recent twin cycle blasts in Hyderabad make it very clear that to fulfill the mission of spreading terror and chaos, terrorists use things associated with the common man. It is not only in India but in many other countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and UK that bicycles are used to carry out such incidents. The bicycle has really become a new mean of spreading terror.

The reason why terrorists use cycle as a medium to carry bomb and create mayhem in the city is because no one can ever doubt that cycle can ever be used for this purpose. Then there is no difficulty in parking cycle. Additionally to buy it no ID proof of a buyer is required which is needed when we buy a car or other vehicle. So anyone can buy this at any time and use it in any city. Though a law had been enforced in 2008 in which a buyer would require to show an ID proof while buying a cycle but it was never implemented with any kind of seriousness. Also along with this, no registration of cycle is required. But all the legalities associated from buying to parking of cycles should be made mandatory to lessen the chances of such unfortunate incidents, as such loopholes in law encourage terrorism.

Police should play a very active role in detecting such cycles in public places. There was a bicycle bomb attack in Coventry, England in 1939. After this blast, police there became very active and confiscated all the unattended bikes. If this can be done there then why cannot we do this in India. Strict laws should be implemented. People, but especially the police who is hired for this purpose should be more vigilant and keep a check on unattended items everywhere or in crowded market places. Let cycle be used only as a mean of transport not a bomb carrier.

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