Aarushi – Hemraj Double Murder Case – Mystery Solved or Unsolved?

After much twists and turns, finally Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have been convicted and sentenced a life imprisonment in the double murder case of killing their 14 years old daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj. The crime was committed more than five years back in May 2008.

Possible sequence of the events given by CBI – Rajesh heard noise from Hemraj’s room. He went there but could not find Hemraj. Then he went to Aarushi’s room and found both of them in an objectionable position. Rajesh then hit Hemraj with a golf stick. When he tried to hit him the second time, Aarushi came in between and thus she was hit. All these noises awakened Nupur Talwar. She assisted her husband in hiding Hemraj’s body and dressing up Aarushi’s room. They even cleaned the room and remove blood stains from the floor. Rajesh then drank Scotch whiskey.

Even from the very beginning the case looked goofed up. The then Meerut zone IG Gurdarshan Singh gave two versions in two separate statements. He said that Rajesh Talwar had extra-marital relationship with his fellow dentist. His daughter was against this relation so killed by her father. Another version of murder stated that Aarushi might have been killed by Rajesh Talwar because he did not like Aarushi’s close relationship with Hemraj. After much twists and turns CBI has also proved the same that Aarushi and the domestic help were killed by Talwars. The case received huge media attention.

The case was handed over to CBI on 31st may 2008. Talwars were the initial suspects but the needle then pointed towards three servants. Krishna Thadarai (compounder at Dr Talwar’s clinic), Vijay Mandal (help of Talwar’s neighbour Punish Rai Tandon) and Rajkumar (servant of Anita Durrani) were arrested stating that they might had killed Aarushi and Hemraj. Rajesh Talwar was given a clean chit by CBI on 11th July 2008. In this version it was said that three servants along with Hemraj had drinks and then quarreled with each other. Hemraj and Aarushi were killed by them. But three of them were released because no evidence was found against them.

On 29th Oct 2010 the file was closed by CBI because they did not have enough evidence against the dentist couple though all the circumstantial evidences were against Talwars. But the closure report was rejected by Special CBI judge Preeti Singh. Talwar parents were accused of murdering their own daughter, domestic servant and destructing the evidence. Finally the verdict has come stating that Dr Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have killed Aarushi and Hemraj.

Points against Talwars – Aarushi’s bedroom and her parents’ bedroom were adjacent to each other then how come the parents kept sleeping throughout the murder. Aarushi’s room was not forcefully opened as there are no signs of it. The keys of her room usually kept beside Nupur’s bedside. How come murder had picked the keys silently to open the bedroom door?

Hemraj’s body was found on the terrace, covered with a cooler panel with an objective to hide it. Even the iron grill separating the two terraces was covered with a bed sheet. When police asked for the terrace keys then Rajesh Talwar was bit reluctant. The crime scene was completely dressed up, as Aarushi’s bed sheet was neatly done and undisturbed. There was no blood stain on the toys, on the novel that she was last seen reading, and no stain even on the pillow and her schoolbag. All these things point to the fact that these were kept after the murder. And the parents were still sleeping.

Defence: But Talwar’s defence claimed that the case had been framed by the police to hide their unclear investigations. Talwar said that because of the noise of two running ACs one in their room and another in Aarushi’s room they could not hear any voice. Also their bedroom was shut. Hemraj’s body was found on the terrace and it was not dragged through the stairs. This cancelled out the theory that Rajesh saw Aarushi and Hemraj in a compromising situation killed later in fit of anger. There was no blood stain on Nupur’s clothes. Only Aarushi’s blood was found on Rajesh’s clothes. This means that parents have not killed them out of anger as said by the police. Fingerprints of the parents were not found on the blood stained Scotch whiskey bottle that was found lying on the dining table. Both Nupur and Rajesh cleared the two lie detector test and a brain-mapping test.

According to the CBI all the circumstantial evidences are against parents. But what might have happened still looks like a mystery. There are many insufficient evidences which make this solved case an unsolved one. Like whose fingerprints were there on the Scotch whisky bottle that had blood stains of both Aarushi and Hemraj? Murder weapons were not discovered. No evidence was found out to determine that Hemraj was murdered in Aarushi’s room. Parents’ clothes had no blood stain of Hemraj. Scientific tests on Nupur and Rajesh Talwar could not provide sufficient evidence. There is no clear cut motive behind this twin murder case.