Superstitions in India

Common Superstitions in India

How would you react on a finding that arthritis or joint pain along with many other diseases like sugar etc can be cured by wearing a copper ring from the hands of a blessed man in Gurgaon? Do you think it is a blind faith, or a strong desire to get cured or just a superstition? Few knee pain stricken ladies in my colony went to that baba and came back wearing copper ring. Next day hot topic of their discussion was the relief from that miraculous ring. Everyone who wore the ring felt a relief from pain. Almost a month later after that incident, the same group of ladies was discussing their ever increasing knee pain. There was no solid answer when I asked about the miracles of that ring. The one day relief they felt was nothing but psychological effect. Not only this, but there are many such examples in India. Numerous superstitions are associated with solar as well as lunar eclipse. Pregnant women are not allowed to go out during eclipse as it may harm the baby. (Not the astrology but I think some rays might be harmful at that time). Also one must keep rose petals in every food item to keep these free from bad effects of eclipse (I do not know how a rose petal can save food).

Why don’t we understand the fact that this is a natural phenomenon? Moreover superstitions are the gifts of few to the society who wanted to control the masses in ancient time. Superstition is a blind faith in anything without going into the logical detail of the same. Ignorance and fear of something wrong give rise to almost every superstition. With time these superstitions keep on changing but some remain as it is since time immemorial. Earlier all the natural disasters were considered as an anger of God and in order to appease God, various kinds of rituals were carried out, sacrifices were made, materialistic offerings were given. But with time man has understood the reason behind such climatic changes and these kinds of superstitions to some extent have taken a back seat. Many barbaric forms of superstitions had also existed in India like burning a live woman on the funeral pyre of her husband. This was done so that she could live in heaven with her husband. Both in North and South India humans were sacrificed to appease God.

Well, when would we understand that God is far away from all these sacrifices and materialistic offerings? Why we keep on bribing him for our vested interests and just for the sake of superstitions? Why cannot we be a simple human being whom he wants to live a simple life serving the humanity without selfish interest? But still in India you will have many examples of superstitions which differ as per caste, religion, society and region. All superstitions in one way or other harm our society. Most of the Indians believe that they can look into future with the help of an astrologer. They even pay hefty amount for good fortune. But with time these things start ruling our mind and suppress the basic instinct. In order to change we must have a rational thinking.

Future hasn’t been shown to us so don’t try to find what is hidden for you through any mean. Keep on doing good deeds and review your values from time to time. Believe in working hard rather than finding unnecessary means. This will create a right mental attitude towards life and you will start getting rewards of your hard work.