The Glitz and Splendor of Punjabi Weddings!

Glitz of Punjabi Weddings
Glitz of Punjabi Weddings
Punjabi Wedding Ceremonies
Punjabi Weddings

A large farmhouse illuminated with lustrous decorations, a large crowd of jazzily dressed men and women swaying their arms up in the air with fun and gaiety, loud drums, unlimited food and drinks, gossiping aunties, hilariously dancing uncles and flirting youngsters – Welcome to an actual Punjabi wedding! Punjabis are known for their loudness and over-the-top demeanor which mark them out from the usual crowd. They love boisterous celebrations for almost every happy event of their lives!

Punjabi weddings are said to be the most rollicking and frisky kind of marriages one would ever come across! They are die-hard lovers of celebrations and when they celebrate they do it with magnanimous pomp and splendor!

Attending a Punjabi wedding is one of the few things you must do in your life! Punjabi weddings are most often the reflection of the open-hearted attitude that the Punjabis have towards life. Enjoyment is the only mantra that they believe in! Their innate desire of making the most of every moment makes their celebrations even more pleasurable and illustrious.

Preparations for wedding

A Punjabi wedding is not just a two-day affair but like a grand carnival whose preparations begin almost months before the actual day! Right from the day the wedding is fixed, there starts a huge commotion in the family! No matter how far across the globe the family might be spread, a wedding brings all the people together under one roof!

Just like any other marriage, Punjabi weddings also have age-old rituals and customs to follow. The pre-wedding rituals begin days before the wedding day, after which begin the post-wedding rituals. A Roka ceremony marks the beginning of this carnival of marriage which brings together two souls to be unified! It is the official announcement that the families make about the marriage.

Sagan ceremony, Mehendi, Haldi, Chooda…

Thereafter continues the Sagan, Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, Chooda, Ghadoli, Sehra Bandi, Ghodi, Milni, Jaimala and finally the actual wedding ceremony! The real fun starts with the Sagan ceremony which is held a week before the wedding day. Celebrations continue to be on for several days post-marriage. A Punjabi wedding is all about love, happiness, fun, dance, music, shopping and celebration!

A typical Punjabi wedding has to have a few things that characterize the Punjabis. No matter how huge the venue might be, it always gets over-crowded! The wedding attire of the entire family as well as those invited has to be blingy and colourful!

No matter how lavish the venue looks, the wedding will always be judged upon the food served! Non-veg and alcohol are the delicacies for the Punjabis! The DJ is supposed to play “Ishq tera taddpave” at least ten times in an hour! Amidst all the Hrithik Roshans, there will always be a Govinda on the dance floor! Apart from all this, you would find some people busy clicking away selfies rather than that of the couple, people howling on the food and drunken men hilariously shaking their legs on the dance floor!

A Punjabi wedding is a lot more than just a ritual and this can only be understood by experiencing the madness of these super-charged up people called Punjabis!


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