Christ Church Shimla

Magnificent, Divine and Iconic – Christ Church, Shimla

When I think of Shimla and relate it to my experience there, the first picture that flashes in my mind is of Christ Church. Some consider it as the landmark of Shimla, while for others it is a prime attraction of the city. Situated on the Ridge, it is the second oldest church in North India. It is a fine example of Neo-Gothic style of architecture. Brass, plaques and five beautiful stained glass windows accentuates the church’s design. Each window has a message too – Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Patience and Humility. There is also a clock that was added later to the church but is no longer functional. Special service takes place every Sunday in this church.

It would not be wrong to say that the Christ Church excels primarily as the following:

  • Adds beauty to the Ridge; makeing evening views even more magnificent.
  • A survivor from partition and political disturbances, and therefore an icon of strength and endurance.
  • Divine prayers and peaceful atmosphere bestows magical blessings on all!

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