Where is the justice?

One down and five more to go, but where is the justice? It would have been far better if the government had taken some steps to kill Ram Singh than he killing himself and that too in the most secured jail of India. Ram Singh was the master mind and main accused of the Delhi gang rape case. To hang himself in jail he might have used his shirt. Though, earlier it had been told by the Tihar Jail authorities that all the criminals of the case were under ‘suicide watch’ as, they had stopped communicating and talking to each other. ‘Suicide watch’ means extra security and that too round the clock. This surprise you even more that what the police do in jail when they cannot keep a check on criminals and their activities.

Then another thought that comes in mind is, how a man who has done such an inhumane act, can have such a simple end. Death is a very simple way to get rid of all your wrong deeds as no one has ever seen life after death. But perhaps this is God’s own way of doing justice when he knows that Indian judiciary system won’t do anything. He might have stored something more of this kind or even worse than this the way crime in India is growing.

The Government should think of making fast track court even faster so that justice can be done in a day or so otherwise the five other convicts will also hang themselves and we will again be thinking about the simple end and so on. To justify the title of ‘the most secured jail in India’ authorities must show better management skills of keeping a strict eye on such criminals.

In a hope that soon we will listen a better news than this, in which the government would order a death penalty to the remaining five accused.