Here are top interesting feature of iOS 14 you should know

Apple released the latest version of an iOS operating system named iOS 14 on September 16. It’s one of the company’s significant updates. With Find My App in iOS 14, it consists of support for third-party products and accessories, enabling them to locate item trackers. It is available to all users and runs on compatible devices.

Let’s take a look at the features of iOS 14:

Smarter Siri

Siri is now adaptable to resolve queries from across the social platforms on the internet. It can send audio messages, display a small animated icon on the screen as phone calls (and FaceTime/VoIP calls) show in a small banner. 

App Clips

In the latest update, Apple has added App Clips to iOS 14, which allows users to glimpse app features without the requirement of downloading the complete application and further saving space and time. 

“Small part of an app experience,” Apple characterises App Clips. App clicks function through Apple-designed App clips, NFC tags, QR codes and can be used in messages.

Pinning the chat and mention feature

iOS enables pinning any vital message so that it remains on top. It can be done through a simple swipe to the right on any chat. Besides, it has introduced a mention feature which implies a group chat can be kept on mute while sends a notification when a user’s name is specified.

Curated guides

Curated guides show fascinating places to visit in a city, which includes new restaurants and attractions. They are developed by Complex, Time Out Group, The Washington Post.

Digital car keys

iOS 14 has added digital car keys options wherein users can start or unlock their car with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Translate app

The Translate app, designed and structured by Apple, has text and voice translations in 11 languages comprising English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Family set up

Through family set up, iOS 14 allows parents to have cellular Apple Watches with its managed controls for their kids. It is developed to let kids use an Apple Watch without the requirement for an iPhone.

Weather app

In the Weather app, there is no information on extreme weather events, a next-hour precipitation chart, and the latest precipitation readings when rain is anticipated; all features have been adapted from Apple’s Dark Sky acquisition.

Health App

A health checklist has been included for medical id, emergency SOS, ECG, and fall detection purposes. It also has support for new data types for mobility, Health Records, symptoms, and ECG. The aim remains for a regular check-up on health.

Privacy Features

Considering privacy issues, Apple has strengthened its privacy feature by letting its users send their approximate location with application developers rather than their exact location when granting any app location access.

Apple provides developers a period before introducing any new major software update. It assists them in evaluating, updates and optimises their applications before submitting them to Apple for review. 

The previous year, iOS 13 was released for download on September 19, post the announcement on September 11.