Learn how to format a Laptop, easy steps for beginners

Learn how to format a laptop easily
Image Credit: Christin Hume (unsplash).
Learn how to format a laptop easily
Image Credit: Christin Hume (unsplash).

The laptop has become one of the most indispensable tools in our lives as it’s used in day-to-day activities at home, during study or at work. It’s unusual for numerous users to possess several computers at different places. As an electronic device, a laptop cannot work all the time flexibly. Possible reasons could be running out of disk space, and system deteriorates in speed or infected virus, etc. Once we identify issues on the laptop, we start performing formatting to resolve them.

If a virus or malware attacks your laptop, one needs to format the laptop leaving no data and erase the hard drive to protect your device.

Before formatting the laptop, one needs to backup all information on an external hard drive or CDs; otherwise, those will be lost.

Why do we need to format a laptop?

a) The computer gets a booting issue. It has a back screen and can’t boot to the system, and if one tries restarting it, it ceases the process before passing the DOS screen. If you do not have a system backup, all one can do is Format and reinstall the system.

b) When a virus or malware enters your PC, they may steal sensitive and essential data or perhaps delete files. To avoid any data breach, formatting a hard disk remains an option.

c) Revise the operating system. If your computer device functions on an old system, one may want to update it to Windows 10 and the latest versions of installed applications.

d) Identify disk space. Partition feels could come on your hard drive, which is not feasible, and one may want repartition of the disk for enhanced performance.

e) Computer processing runs slowly with lousy performance. The operating system has been installed for a long time, and it does not get proper maintenance every time; your computer tends to face concerns such as slow down, hard disk runs out of space, the computer is full of junk data, etc. One may want to format the computer hard drive, repartition the hard drive and reinstall Windows once again.

Following are the steps to format a laptop using Windows installation CD

1) Make a change in the boot to make the computer boot from your CD or DVD.

2) Put your Windows installation disc, start the computer again, and then look for a message on the screen that requires a particular key such as Del or F2. Keep tapping that key until entering the Bios setup utility. Select the Boot tab and select the CD or DVD to be the first in the boot order. Save changes and exit Bios, then restart the computer.

3) This time, the computer boots from the Setup CD automatically if the boot order has been altered appropriately.

4) After some time, one would see the message like “Windows is loading files…” and “Starting Windows” on screen. Finally, he/she can now Windows logo with some drop-down boxes. If you are required to change Language or Keyboard options, then he/she can make corrective changes or follow suggested alternatives, and then press Next.

5) Tap on the “Install now” button on the next screen and keep waiting while Setup is in the process to begin.

6) Select “I accept the license terms” and click Next. Then press the “Custom (advanced)” button.

7) Click the disk or partition you want to format and tap on Format.

8) Once the hard drive gets formatted, one can repartition the disk and install a system conforming to the Setup disc.

Format laptop without a Windows CD

1) Click on the power button on the laptop, and Windows begins loading. Watch the screen and press the key you see on the screen, and the key button could be F8 or F11. The key one needs to press will be different on the computer device considering their make and model.

2) Press Next when you see “System Recovery” on-screen and then select the “Standard Recovery” option.

3) The process gets completed and now reboots the computer.

4) Windows will show the other steps to make basic configurations.