Microsoft Cortana: Digital Personal Assistant to Serve Android Devices

Microsoft CortanaMicrosoft is eyeing on consolidating its own system and incorporating even the rival products into it. After the announcement at the E3 conference, Microsoft confirmed that its digital assistance software is going to be on beta testing on Android devices from July 2015. It is primarily expected to serve as a companion to Windows 10 PCs. Cortana, world’s only personal digital assistance across the devices will be connecting Window 10, Xbox One, Android phone, and iPhone. Cortana for Android is the latest development in Microsoft’s multi-device world. It will help you to move between your environments couple of times a day.

How Does It Work?

  • Cortana can be asked to remind you while doing something. Even if you are in the middle of a movie or a game, it will interrupt and remind you that you have to collect the laundry. Cortana, like a personal assistant, updates you with the scores of your favourite game or sends you alert on the weather conditions.
  • For forthcoming reminders, Cortana will alert you right on the game console.
  • The rich across-the-device experience makes it even more special. Your PC, phone or Xbox One, everything will be connected.
  • Simple voice commands work like wonders.
  • Cortana will also control the length of the clip of your game which you wish to record and help you to share with your friends without leaving the game.
  • Cortana will also help you find information about upcoming games and their release dates.

Microsoft Cortana vs. Google Now

  • When the entire world has geared up for the personal digital assistance there are two tech giants competing in this field.
  • Cortana is always live on the Windows Phone home screen represented by a tile with pulsating blue rings. Tapping on the tile will take you to Cortana’s screen. On the other hand, Google Now can be accessed in various ways depending on the kind of phone you have. The easiest way to do it is via the Google Search app.
  • Google Now is the best for searching your emails, what you want to do next, or have coming up next. For example, if you have an email from an airline about an upcoming flight, Google Now can automatically pull up the flight information when the time comes.
  • Cortana acts more on personalised information. Cortana’s Notebook is a settings area of the personal digital assistant. This all helps Cortana to return more relevant and personal results. Cortana may ask you your tastes in restaurants and preferred movies, about the most important people in your life and even ask you your favourite places. Google Now will provide information which Google already knows.

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