Lenovo smartphones now available in India

Some new members of the Lenovo A-series family such as A269i, A516, A369i and A850 are now available in India. These smartphones use the Android operating system and are also rumoured to be easy on the pocket! As per market news, these phones have been priced between INR 5,5000 and INR 16,000. People who are looking to get themselves one of these phones will be able to purchase them from October afterwards. As is the wont, these phones come loaded with a slew of features. The A850 is supposed to be what the youth calls a “phablet”, which I presume is a combination of a phone and a tablet. (In my understanding the Samsung Galaxy Series phones may be called phablets as well.)

Its front panel features a display screen that is 5.5 inches and also has IPS technology whereby the viewing angle would be 178 degrees, which is fairly wide when you think of it. The phone also has slots for dual SIM cards. The phone also has a rear camera that is 5MP and uses Jelly Bean 4.2. Its onboard memory is not that much at only 4GB but the great thing is that the owner can increase it to 32GB. The A516 has a touchscreen of 4.5 inches and offers a similar viewing angle too. It also has a rear camera with similar modifications and functions on the Jelly Bean and has dual sim facilities.

The memory in this phone too can be increased to 32GB plus it has a dual core SoC that operates at the rate of 1.3GHz to make sure that the phone is able to perform many tasks at the same time without any problem as such. The A369i is a compact phone and is equipped with 5MP snappers, 4GB memory and slots for dual sim cards. The owners can use microSD cards to increase the memory of the phone to 32 GB.

This phone has additional features like a RAM of 512MB and a dual core processor of 1.3GHz. The A269i has some similar features as well but it is a 3.5 inch phone. However, it is equipped with a dual core chipset of 1GHz. It is expected that the A369i will be available for INR 6999 and the A269i will be available for INR 5499. The A516 will be available for a retail price of INR 10,999 and A850 will be available for INR 15,999. The prices are really reasonable when you consider the spending potential of the class of consumers that is into smartphones in India and given the range of features the deals are going to be pretty sweet as well. So all in all it looks like a win-win situation for all concerned – the ones who are selling them and ones who are buying them.


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