10 Reasons to Visit Lucknow at least Once!


Things to do in Lucknow

The city of Nawabs defines etiquette and civility in the most august manner! Divinely situated along the banks of Gomti River, Lucknow is not only known for its “tehzeeb”, but also for its culture, music, art and poetry. As one of the oldest cities of India, it decorously connects to the history of India, retrograding to the 13th century. After the acquisition of the Nawab of Awadhs, the city rose to the glories of one of the most intellectual cities with superior class and culture. The mannerism of its denizens and their much refined way of living totally changed the face of Lucknow.

The versatility of this endearing city is spread across a wide orbit. It excels in almost every dimension one could possibly think of. Right from music, dance and culture to beauty, sophistication and architecture, Lucknow has the best of them all. For centuries now, the city has been one of the prime metropolitan cities of India. The grandeur of its popularity also makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the country. Every year thousands of tourists throng the city to be a part of its mystical charm and tantalising warmth.

While the city of Nawabs is sprouting with adoration, if you still haven’t had a chance to experience its warm hospitality, today I will give you ten reasons why you should do it now!

Reasons to visit Lucknow at least once:

  1. Lucknow is one of the oldest cities of India, tracing its origin back to the 13th century A.D. Until the 18th century, the city was governed by the Mughals, after which it lost to the annexation of the Nawabs of Awadh.
  2. Lucknow has been an integral part of the iconic Revolt of 1857. It was one of the most important political centres of its time.
  3. Lucknow has a very scenic geographical beauty, with the river Gomti meandering through the city.
  4. The city is blessed with a good number of architectural wonders that will mesmerise you with their grace and elegance. It is also popular for its vast lush green gardens.
  5. The City of Nawabs is intellectually rich. It is a proud producer of some of the greatest poets and scholars. Many popular educational institutions are also present in this city.
  6. For a very long time now, Lucknow has been the centre of art and music and thus some of the most renowned artists belong to this talented city. It also houses various musical centers which provide training in classical music.
  7. Lucknow’s scrumptious cuisine has been the word of mouth all over the world. Kebabs, Biryanis, Dal Gosth, etc., are its famous delicacies. The city is also popular for its mouth-watering chaat.
  8. The city is no less than a shopper’s paradise. Chikan embroidery kurtas are a must buy here. Apart from that, exceptionally beautiful jhumkas and bangles are the prime attractions for the shopaholics!
  9. The economy of Lucknow is blooming at a greater pace, making it a potential IT hub of North India. It is also one of the fastest job creating cities of India.
  10. The heart-warming hospitality and chivalrous lingual abilities of its people will make you fall in love with the city. The people of Lucknow are the most courteous people one would ever meet!


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