1000 Places To See Before You Die – A Book Review

Flipping  its cover, I read “Picked at Chicago Airport 17th June 2007 – Simar.”  O.K. Why should I be picking up this book for a review today? This book has become a mission, it has given a direction to my quest to see this world as much as I can. I have been ensuring that it remains visible on my book-rack and keeps reminding me of miles which I need to go. Yes, this is the power of this book. Book is by Patricia Schultz and it has over 1,000 printed pages to read in a font size which needs hard work.

First thought can be, why keep a book for this purpose in this super networked world? Answer is simple from a die-hard travelers view point, if you don’t have a plan, you just have dreams. This book has put a plan in place, for past almost six years I have been picking it up every time I need to plan stepping out. This doesn’t disappoint. We, as a family, have followed this book in India; Singapore; France; Germany; The Netherlands, England, Scotland, the US and Canada. it just doesn’t go wrong. Of course, whatever the book says can be cross verified and tweaked, as a starting point this is marvelous.

I was a keen traveler before getting this book, I am a keen traveler after having it on my shelf all the time. So, what has changed and what all has stayed the same? The change is in a feeling of enjoying life and the satisfaction index of life lived to its fullest, both have gone up. Change is in the family knowing that conscious choices are being made. Change is in planning the souvenirs to bring back and the trophies to display. Change is in making every Rupee/ Dollar go farthest possible. In terms of what has remained same, the execution, the hunger and the expressions of awe at seeing the marvels our world has.

If you love traveling, have this book by your side. You would enjoy it.