Amazing places in India – Part II

In continuation with the most amazing places in India – Part 1, here is a list of more such places that you can add to your wish list.

Dzukou Valley
Dzukou Valley is located right on the border of Manipur and Nagaland and is famous for hiking and trekking. The beauty of Dzukou Valle is enhanced during summer when different species of colourful flowers, especially Dzukou Lily adorn the entire valley. Word Dzukou came from the word Angami or Mao which means ‘cold water’ because of the river stream that flows through the valley.

Gurudongmar Lake
Gurudongmar Lake is a fresh water lake that is located in Sikkim and is very close to the Chinese border (about 5 km). It is one of the highest lakes in the world and famous for its picturesque beauty. The lake remains frozen for most part of the year due to low temperature (from November to mid of May). A very interesting legend is also associated with the Lake. It is said that first Guru of Sikh, Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji while coming back from Tibet in 1516 passed through this area. During His visit to this place, yak grazers requested guru ji to solve the problem of water scarcity in that area caused by the frozen lake. Guru Nanak Dev ji then hit the frozen lake with his stick. The ice melted away in that area making water accessible to the local people. Since that time the blessed part of the lake hasn’t frozen. The lake is also known as ‘guru dang mar’ that means created by the dang of Guru.

Goecha La Pass
Goecha La Pass is a scenic pass in the Himalayan region of Sikkim. This pass is a base camp for the trekkers who have to climb Mount Kanchenjunga. Trekking to Goecha La Pass from Yuksom and return to the same place takes about seven and a half days.

Majuli, located in Assam, was once a very big island covering an area of about 1,250 square kilometers. But erosion caused by the Brahmaputra River has lessened the area of the island to about 421 square kilometers. It is one of the most amazing places in India. Majuli is the cultural capital of Assamese civilization. Sociologists have urged to preserve the civilization, culture and tribes, as these are still untouched by the modernization of the outer world. Bird watching is the most popular activity at the island by tourists and best time to visit it is between November and March.

Loktak Lake
Loktak Lake is located in Manipur and is the only floating lake in the world because of the floating phumdis or series of floating islands. The lake was an important part of Manipur economy and today it is a unique tourist destination. Major tourist attraction of here is the Sendra Tourist Home on the island with cafeteria located in the middle of the lake. Some portion of the lake is also home to Keibul Lamjao National Park, where Sangai are found. Sangai, or Manipur brow antlered deer, is a rare species which is on the verge of extinction.

Sandakphu is the highest peak in West Bengal that is located close to Singalila National Park. From this peak the views of the Kanchendzonga Peak and the surrounding area is just awesome. Apart from this, you can also view Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu peaks from there. You can find hostel in the small village that is located on the Sandakphu peak. You can reach Sandakphu either by car or by trekking. Be there to enjoy the clear sky and cool mountain breeze.

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