Charaideo Maidams in Assam

Charaideo Maidams, Sibsagar, Assam

Location: 28 km from Sibsagar, Assam

At first sight, this attraction of Sibsagar reminded me of the famous cartoon show – Teletubbies – that I used to follow when I was a kid. It had grassy landscapes with domes and hills and the four toddlers (cartoon characters) used to hop and play around.  😀

Established by the Ahom King Chao Lung Siu-Ka-Pha in 1228, Charaideo in Assam was the first capital of the Ahom Kingdom. A place for ancestral gods of the Ahoms, it is the burial ground of kings and queens. Also called the ‘Pyramids of Assam’, the hillocks of Charaideo have tombs (called Maidams) and the place is compared to the Pyramids of Egypt, thus proving to be a splendid example of medieval times. There are actually over 150 maidams, but only 30 of these are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India along with Assam State Archaeology Department.

The wondrous architecture of Charaideo includes underground vaults with domed chambers covered by earthen mounds and thus appear like hillocks. On the top of each hillock, a small open pavilion called ‘chow-chali’ made of bricks and stones. It is also said that besides the kings and queens, attendants, pets and even valuables were buried. Thus, the site has been encroached, robbed and thereby, damaged.

There is a nearby park called the Su-Ka-Pha Park, set up by Probah, a renowned NGO that offers amusement options for children.

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