After my departure being delayed because of barking street dogs at me, I left my room late at 6:35 am today after there was some light. Today’s planned pitstop was Ankola but then I found nothing interesting in that place after reading about it. Some 15 Kms before Ankola, there is a small pilgrimage town called Gokarna which is 10 kms inside from the National Highway 17, this is where I am presently. I am liking this place a lot.

It's really hot

It’s really hot

Thanks to those barking dogs in the morning, I read about all the places which I would come across in today’s cycling to my destination. I also came to know about Mirjan Fort and Aganashini River which I crossed and visited Mirjan Fort on my way to Gokarna. 15 Kms before Ankola, Gokarna route parted from the National Highway and I had to ride through hills to reach Gokarna. This exhaustion paid-off as this place is something about which I would love to share with you in my next blog tomorrow.

Aganashini River bridge

Aganashini River bridge

I witnessed the greener and beautiful side of Karnataka today while cycling as so far, I had developed some other mindset for western Karnataka which was contrary to what I saw today. I will be entering Goa tomorrow and my pitstop for tomorrow is yet to be planned before I reach Panaji on Saturday. I cycled 83.5 kms today and reached Gokarna in a little less than 6 hours.