I left my lodge while it was still dark as I wanted to make it to Bharuch today before 12 noon. I had earlier planned to stay at Ankleshwar, which is ten kilometres before Bharuch (the Narmada River flows between them) but Bharuch attracted me a lot more after I read about it. It is the second oldest town in India after Varanasi.

Speed Cycling

Speed Cycling

A bridge known as Golden Bridge or Narmada Bridge joins the city of Ankleshwar and Bharuch. A policeman stopped me from taking its photograph. I was planning to stay in a Gurudwara at Bharuch. This was the first Gurudwara I came across during my whole journey so far. I always prefer to stay at a Gurudwara while traveling, as I get free food and most of the time, free accommodation as well if I take a room; otherwise, one can always stay in a hall.

Gurudwara Chadar Saheb

Chadar Saheb Gurudwara

I reached the Gurudwara before noon and asked for a room. The manager told me that someone was staying in the room and it would get free by six in the evening. By that time, I had my lunch in the langar hall and had a bath. I was too tired, so I slept sitting on the chair. By 4 pm, I went outside to explore the city and returned in three hours. After again enquiring for the room, I was told that the person did not vacate the room and so I’d have to sleep in the hall. They’d give me a mattress to sleep on.

Golden Bridge Gujarat

Golden Bridge

I thought that if I was having all the facilities available outside in the hall, I did not need a room. After having dinner at the langar, I slept in the open hall outside, with the Narmada River flowing some 200 metres from the Gurudwara. I was also bitten by mosquitoes in the night but it was alright.