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Five Destinations to Avoid this Summer

April 23, 2014

Five Destinations to Avoid in Summer

Scorching heat with extreme temperatures, prickly skin that follows the unstoppable sweat running down the body, droughty throat and even worse; this is the picture of the blistering summer season in India! The mercury has been rising surpassingly over the past few years and thus beating the heat has become almost impossible for us. Each one of us has a fairly different way of combating the heat; while some of us decide not move out of the house, the others plan on moving out of the city. For obvious reasons, hill-stations are the most sought after destinations for this purpose. Shimla, Mussorie, Manali become the top-notch choices for all the people. Since we are already aware of places that should be visited during summers, today I will write about the places one should not even think of visiting in the heat! Here it goes-


Need I say more? From April to June, going to Jaipur will be like digging the hole for yourself! The summers in Jaipur are extremely hot and dry. Being a part of the desert area, this place becomes totally unbearable during the summer season. So, no matter how urgent it is, don’t visit Jaipur in these three months.


Who doesn’t want to see the most beautiful wonder of the world? Taj Mahal might be the destination of your dream but trust me, even the spell-casting magnificence of this monument won’t be able to comfort you from the scorching heat of Agra in Summers. This place is surely one of the hottest places in India.


There was a reason why Britishers chose Shimla to be the summer capital of India! Delhi in summers is like a city housed in a blast furnace; so hot and deadly! Unbearable heat with water scarcity, there is absolutely no reason for you to be in Delhi in the months of May and June specially!


Super hot in summers and super cold in winters, the temperatures of Gujarat fall in the extreme category! The summer seasons runs from March till May at this place. The weather becomes hot and arid with strong loo that lashes your face! Therefore, it will only be sensible to avoid Gujarat in summers!


The temperature in the south may be cooler than the north, but it is only at some regions. Chennai is one of such places which should not be visited during summers. The months of May and June are the months with soaring temperature that goes as high as 45 degrees. The natives of Chennai refer to this phase as “Agni Natshatram” which means “Fire Star”.

The sweltering phase of summers is gradually approaching, so make the right choice and beat the heat with smartness!

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Swarnavo Mukherjee April 26, 2014 at 6:57 pm

Respected Nandni,
I am from Kolkata. I am requesting you to include Kolkata in this list. We learned, Delhi is hottest than Kolkata, But now the situation has changed. Where Delhi is facing almost 31%-33% temperature, there temperature in Kolkata is 40%-41%. Somewhere more than 41% in the state. And the weather is too much humid with strong loo. That’s why my request to include our “City of Joy” in this list.
Just for example I mentioned Delhi city