Five Must See Temples in Odisha

Famous temple in odisha
Famous temple in odisha
The Architectural Heritage of Odisha
The Architectural Heritage of Odisha


The presence of oodles of temples in Odisha deems it as one of the most ethereal places on earth! The architectural wonders of Odisha have emanated themselves as the best form of architectural heritage in the world. The rich historical background of Odisha outshines itself in the form of the thousands of temples that were built by the Kings and Queens who once ruled Odisha. Even though these temples have been built centuries ago, most of them have successfully combated the ravages of time and thus continue to preserve glory of their past.

The 10th and the 11th century was a period of temple construction for the state of Odisha. In order to showcase their devotion towards their respective deity, the Orrisan kings got erected innumerable temples in the state. Each temple has its own unique design and pattern. The detailing in the architecture and the varied embellishments leave you in complete awe of this place! Here is a list of the top five temples in Odisha that passionately lure you for a visit!

1.  Jagannath Temple in Puri

One of the most renowned temples of Odisha, the Jagannath temple is as old as the 12th century. Also known as the White Pagoda, it stands tall with a height of 200 feet. The architecture of this temple is absolutely worth admiring!

2.  Sun Temple in Konark

Known for its gigantic sculptures and intricate design, the Sun Temple is regarded as the best piece of Kalinga architecture. It was constructed as a chariot of the Sun God in the 13th century. The key attractions here are the ornamented wheels and sculpted horses.

3.  Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneshwar

Built in a massive area of 10 miles, the Lingaraj Temple is most majestic temples in Odisha. It has been uniquely built amidst hundred other structures that surround the main temple.It rises to a height of 180 feet and is dedicated to the Lord Tribhubaneswar.

4.  Mukteswar Temple

Popularly known as the Jewel of Odisha, it is an important masterpiece of the architecture in Odisha. The elegance in the construction of this temple cannot be captured in words.

5.  Rajarani Temple

Built between the 10th and the 11th century, the Rajarani temple derives its name from the stone used in its construction. Clusters of turrets and beautiful sculptures accentuate the beauty of this temple which has been positioned amidst the paddy fields.

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