Haunted Places in Mumbai – Probably the Biggest Adventures of Your Life

6. St. John’s Baptist Church

St. John's Baptist Church

Do we feel a presence around us when we are deep into prayers in this church? No, not really. The church turned to ruins a long time back in 1840. And, the place is not even haunted anymore (if locals are to be believed!). But, there’s an interesting legend that goes about it that still makes it worthy to visit today. Soon after it reduced to dilapidation the place got haunted by a ghost of a bride. And, she wasn’t of the shyest bride. People in the vicinity reported disturbances and freakish experiences. To get the place free of all the entities from the dark world, an exorcism was carried out. And, now is the interesting part. People present during the process heard wailing, screams, and even laughter. And, it all ended with a big roaring splash in the pond of the church. All the fish in it were killed due to that. Spooky, isn’t it? But, from then, no reports of any paranormal activities have been observed. She’s gone for good, we guess. But where? A new place to haunt? Probably. (We’ll keep the list updated).