Haunted Places in Mumbai – Probably the Biggest Adventures of Your Life

8. Marve and Madh Island Road

Marve and Madh Island Road

Spooky and scenic – these are two words to describe this road which connects Marve and Madh Island. Here, we have another version of Noorie, but this one is more deadly than one we mentioned in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. That’s probably because more brutal details are involved with her murder. That’s how the ghost dynamics works, don’t they? More cruel the death, more agitated they are? Anyways, there was a bride who was killed on her wedding day and her body was dumped near the roads in the mangroves a few decades ago. And, since then, she is scaring the daylight out of people in her bridal dress. Many say that to avoid any calamity, just don’t look her in the eye. Hope, you’ll remember this handy tip if you ever go traverse those paths.