Kolkata Metro Map

Metro Map of Kolkata
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*Kolkata Metro map showing all the metro stations and the places covered by Kolkata Metro. Disclaimer

List of Kolkata Metro Stations

S.No.Station Name
1Kavi Subhash
2Shahid Khudiram
3Kavi Nazrul
5Masterda Surya Sen
7Mahanayak Uttam Kumar
8Rabindra Sarobar
10Jatin Das Park
11Netaji Bhavan
12Rabindra Sadan
14Park Street
16Chandni Chowk
17Central Central Metro Station Calcutta Metro 2.JPG
18Mahatma Gandhi Road
19Girish Park
20Shobhabazar Sutanuti
23Dum Dum
27Salt Lake Sector-V
29Central Park
30City Center
31Bengal Chemical
32Salt Lake Stadium

Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta is a city of many hues; its diversity and uniqueness is difficult to confine in a single phrase. Situated on the eastern bank of River Hooghly, Calcutta was established by the British out of three villages, Kalikata, Sutanuti and Govingapur. Today, it is a prosperous flourishing metropolis, commercial and financial hub, military port and home to more than 5.8 million people.

It is a city in need of renewal as it has lagged far behind in providing the best amenities to growing population. The antiquity of Kolkata and unplanned growth has exacerbated the problems further.

The government, realizing the magnitude of this problem, is keenly putting in place modern infrastructure and has tied up with a number of agencies to work towards its goal.

Metropolitan Transport Project was initiated in 1969, the master plan was prepared in 1971, work started on 29th December, 1972 on Dumdum - Tollygunge corridor. Kolkata Metro which is the first underground Metro railway in India construction progressed from 1972 to 2013. The first metro line in India, the first stretch, of about 3.4 km between Esplanade and Bhowanipur was completed in 1984.

Phase I was completed in 1995, from Dum Dum to Tollygunge (Mahanayak Uttam Kumar). Phase II from Mahanayak Uttam Kumar to Kavi Nazrul station in 2009. The last leg upto Kavi Subhash station was opened in 2010 and in 2013 further extended to Naopara. Today about 5 lakh passengers enjoy the benefits of this modern metro system every day.

Kolkata Metro was the nation's first metro and developed as a totally indigenous procedure, it was more an experimental undertaking when compared to the Delhi Metro. Therefore, it took about 23 years to build the 17 km 'Underground Railroad' but, the project, for sure, has carved a unique position in the hearts of the people.

East - West corridor connection between Howrah Railway Station and Bidhannagar was sanctioned in 2008. This would connect two of the busiest railway stations in the world; Howrah and Sealdah, and would pass under the Hooghly River. It would be the first river crossing metro in the country. The work on this 'underwater railroad' has commenced; the journey would give Kolkata its second metro; a metro the residents and Indians would be proud of.

Existing - Noapara to Kavi Subhash (27.28 km)

Noapara, Dum Dum, Belgarhia, Shyam Bazaar, Shobha Bazaar, Girish Park, M G Road, Central, Chandini Chowk, Esplanade, Park street, Maidan, Rabindra Sadan, Netaji Bhawan, J D Park, Kalighat, Rabindra Sarobar, M H Uttam Kumar, Netaji, Master da Surya Sen, Geetanjali, Kavi Nazrul, Shaheed Khudiram, Kavi Subhash (New Gharia)

Neopara - Dum Dum to New Garia Metro line is of 27.28 kilometres and has 24 stations.

The metro network is currently under expansion and work is in progress on four lines namely Howrah Maidan to Salt Lake Sect V, BBD Bagh to Joka, Noapara to Barasat, and New Garia to NSCB Airport. Two more lines are approved and construction is yet to commence. These are Dum Dum to Dakshineswar - which is the extension of the existing line and a new line Baranagar to Barrackpore of West Bengal.

Metro LinePlanned distance (Kms)Planned Number of Stations
Line 2: Howrah Maidan to Salt Lake Sector V14.6712
Line 3: BBD Bagh to Joka16.7213
Line 4: Noapara - Barasat17.0259
Line 6: New Garia - NSCB Airport3224
Line 1: Neopara - Barangar - Dakshineshwar (extension)"4.1393
Approved (construction to commence soon):  
Kavi Subhash (New Garia) - Biman Bandar"29.123
Line 5: Baranagar - Barrackpore12.411
Esplanade - Joka Bird Bagh"15.07514
Howrah - Salt Lake (East-West Corridor)14.6717

Kolkata Metro Timings on Weekdays

Kavi Subhas Station To Dumdum/Noapara Station (Mon- Saturday)Dumdum/Noapara Station to Kavi Subhas Station (Mon- Saturday)
StationsFirst TrainLast TrainStationsFirst TrainLast Train
Kavi Subhas6:4521:55Noapara 7:0221:49
Sahid Khudiram6:4921:58Dum Dum6:4521:55
Kavi Nazrul6:5222:00Belgachia6:4921:58
Masterda Surya Sen6:5622:04Sovabazar Sutanuti6:5422:02
Netaji7:0022:07Girish Park6:5622:04
Mahanayak Uttam Kr7:0422:10Mahatma Gandhi Rd6:5922:06
Rabindra Sarobar7:0722:12Central7:0222:08
Kalighat7:0922:14Chandni Chowk7:0422:10
Jatin Das Park7:1122:16Esplanade7:0622:11
Netaji Bhavan7:1422:18Park Street7:0822:13
Rabindra Sadan7:1622:20Maidan7:0922:14
Maidan7:1822:22Rabindra Sadan7:1122:16
Park Street7:1922:23Netaji Bhavan7:1322:18
Esplanade7:2122:25Jatin Das Park7:1522:20
Chandni Chowk7:2322:26Kalighat7:1822:22
Central7:2522:28Rabindra Sarobar7:2122:24
Mahatma Gandhi Rd7:2722:30Mahanayak Uttam Kr7:2422:27
Girish Park7:3022:32Netaji7:2922:31
Sovabazar Sutanuti7:3222:34Masterda Surya Sen7:3322:34
Belgachia7:3922:39Kavi Nazrul7:3822:38
Dum Dum6:4522:44Sahid Khudiram7:4122:40
Noapara6:53 Kavi Subhas7:4522:44

Kolkata Metro Timings on Sunday

Kavi Subhas Station To Dumdum/Noapara Station (Sunday)Dumdum/Noapara Station to Kavi Subhas Station (Sunday)
StationsFirst TrainLast TrainStationsFirst TrainLast Train
Kavi Subhas9:5021:55Noapara10:0221:49
Sahid Khudiram9:5421:58Dum Dum9:5021:55
Kavi Nazrul9:5722:00Belgachia9:5421:58
Masterda Surya Sen10:0122:04Sovabazar Sutanuti9:5922:02
Netaji10:0522:07Girish Park10:0122:04
Mahanayak Uttam Kr10:0922:10Mahatma Gandhi Rd10:0422:06
Rabindra Sarobar10:1222:12Central10:0722:08
Kalighat10:1422:14Chandni Chowk10:0922:10
Jatin Das Park10:1622:16Esplanade10:1122:11
Netaji Bhavan10:1922:18Park Street10:1322:13
Rabindra Sadan10:2122:20Maidan10:1422:14
Maidan10:2322:22Rabindra Sadan10:1622:16
Park Street10:2422:23Netaji Bhavan10:1822:18
Esplanade10:2622:25Jatin Das Park10:2022:20
Chandni Chowk10:2822:26Kalighat10:2322:22
Central10:3022:28Rabindra Sarobar10:2622:24
Mahatma Gandhi Rd10:3222:30Mahanayak Uttam Kr10:2922:27
Girish Park10:3522:32Netaji10:3422:31
Sovabazar Sutanuti10:3722:34Masterda Surya Sen10:3822:34
Belgachia10:4422:39Kavi Nazrul10:4322:38
Dum Dum9:5022:44Sahid Khudiram10:4622:40
Noapara9:58 Kavi Subhas10:5022:44

Last Updated on: May 05, 2022