Mansa Devi Temple or Bilwa Tirath in Haridwar

Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar
Mansa Devi Temple in the holy city of Haridwar
Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar
Mansa Devi Temple in the holy city of Haridwar

We aspire, we dream and we pray. We hope that all our wishes come true and our religious beliefs assure us that if we pray to the Almighty with a pure heart and strong faith, all our desires are fulfilled.

Mansa Devi Temple or Bilwa Tirath in the holy city of Haridwar is believed to bestow blessings and fulfill every Mansa (wish) of its devotees. This is one of the five pilgrimage destinations or Panch Tirath of Haridwar. This temple is the apex of the Siddh Peeth triangle – Mansa Devi, Chandi Devi and Maya Devi.

There are two ways to reach the temple – one via cable car (rope way) which is commonly called as ‘Devi Udankhatola’, or the second option is that you trek up to the temple. The panoramic views of the holy Ganga and Haridwar city look stunning from the cable car. Combined rope-way tickets for Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi temple are also available and are valid for three days since the date of purchase. It is believed that Mansa and Chandi are two forms of Goddess Parvati and hence always reside near each other.

Dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi, the inner sanctum of this temple has two idols of the deity; one with eight arms and the other with three heads and five arms. Thousands of visitors visit this temple especially during Navratri. With faith and a wish in their hearts, devotees offer prashad and flowers to the Goddess and tie a thread on a branch of a holy tree in the temple complex. Once their wish is granted, they need to come again and untie this thread.

While visiting the Mansa Devi temple beware of touts and monkeys, especially while trekking uphill or downhill. Even some pandits (priests) at the temple will ask for money in the name of God and if you deny they may even scare you by saying that your wish will not be fulfilled. This commercial aspect of the temple is dejecting and unexpected at any religious place.

Location: Atop the Bilwa Parvat on Shivalik Hills, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Timings: 8 am and 5 pm. The temple is closed for lunch from 12 pm to 2 pm.

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