Patwon ki Haveli in Jaisalmer

Made of yellow sandstone, Patwon ki Heveli is an exquisite example of art and creativity

Jaisalmer portrays itself as a mysterious story amidst the gorgeous Thar Desert. And Patwon ki Haweli complements the grace and valor of this city. A cluster of five small havelis, Patwon ki Haveli is also the first Haveli that was ever constructed in Jaisalmer.

Every inch of yellow sandstone used in the Heveli’s construction has been ostentatiously chiseled to impress, captivate and influence all. Beautiful frescoes, murals, mirror-works and paintings on every section of the Haveli speak of elegance and grace. Even the latticed arches and gateways are ornamented and designed beautifully. Large, breezy corridors, grand pillars and intricately detailed walls showcase the Haveli as an exquisite example of art and creativity. Every wing or section of Patwon ki Haveli is perfectly symmetrical and is owned by the Government and localities for accommodation and commercial purposes in parts.

You may consider Patwon ki Haveli on your itinerary for your visit to the golden Jaisalmer.

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