Sivadol: Shiva Temple in Sivasagar

Sivadol in Sivasagar
Sivadol, Sivasagar District, Assam
Sivadol in Sivasagar
Sivadol, Sivasagar, Assam

Location: Sivasagar, Assam

Situated on the banks of Borpukhuri tank in Sivasagar town of Assam, Sivadol is believed to be the tallest Shiva temples located in India, with a height of 104 feet. ‘Dol’ means temple in the local Assamese language. The temple was built by the queen of the Ahom King Swargdeo Siba Singha, Bar Raja Ambika in 1734.

Capped with a seven-feet high large Golden Dome called ‘Kolosi’, it is one of the most revered places in the north east and pride of the state of Assam. The walls of the temple are adorned beautifully with carvings and sculptures of Gods and Goddesses. Special celebrations take place during Shivaratri with fairs organised in the temple’s ground. The ‘Hari Krishna’ kirtan performed in the month of July or August is also a popular attraction of Sivadol. In the compounds of Sivadol, there are also Vishnudol and Devidol that can be visited.

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