Talatal Ghar in Assam: Largest of all Ahom Monuments

Talatal Ghar in Assam
Talatal Ghar in Assam
Talatal Ghar in Assam
Talatal Ghar in Assam

Location: Rangpur, near Sivasagar, Assam

Largest among all Ahom monuments, the Talatal Ghar in Assam was initially built as an army base. It is located near Rang Ghar (yet another specimen of Ahom architecture) and was built by Rajeswara Singha.

Talatal Ghar has three storeys that are underground (closed for tourists) and four above the ground. The ground floor had store rooms, stables and servant quarters, while the upper floors were for the royal family. It has been built with bricks and varieties of cement and an arched door that resembles Mughal styles of architecture. a large terrace, a temple with octagonal structure and a few small chambers form the major portion of the edifice. Recent excavations by the Archaeological Survey of India also reveal that there had been wooden structures and logs as well.

There are two secret underground tunnels that connect to Dikhow River and Ghargaon Palace respectively. They were used as routes to escape enemy attacks. You can also explore the ammunition store called ‘Khar Ghar’ situated near the palace.

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