Kumbalangi in Kerala

Kumbalangi Village in Kerala
Kumbalangi Village Island in Kerala
Kumbalangi Village in Kerala
Kumbalangi Village Island in Kerala

Location: Kochi, Kerala

Thanks to the pervading hustle-bustle of the city life, I often feel like running away to an isolated island in search of peace and solitude. Lately, I decided to embark on this expedition and thus began my search for a place that could fit in my imagination. I was stupefied to actually come across a destination that looked exactly like my dream island! Located on the outskirts of the city of Kochi, it is called the Kumbalangi Village in Kerala. Virtually a fishing hamlet, it is a small island that has been designated as the first eco-tourism village in India.

The Kumbalangi village is a part of the Integrated Tourism Project that aims to transform the island as a model fishing village and tourism hot-spot. As an isolated island that is still not known to the most of the people, this place happens to be extremely fresh and unexplored. It is blessed with immense lush greenery and a landscape that truly captivates the soul. The inhabitants are warm hearted fishermen who run home stays and depend entirely on nature to survive. Kumabalangi also offers exotic local cuisine that is significantly gratifying to the taste-buds.

Spending time at Kumbalangi is like spending time at a lavish spa or even better! It is so peaceful and relaxing that you would never want to leave this place. The best thing about this island-village is its virginity in terms of tourist occupation. Since this place is relatively unknown, it is unspoiled by the human tactility. Kumablangi has been deemed as one of the fifty must see destinations in the world by the National Geographic Magazine. As a travel destination, it is extremely enriching and gratifying!

If you want to relieve yourself from the monotony of your complex daily routine, try spending some time close to the nature while experiencing the simple village life. It will definitely work wonders for you! Wait no more, think no more; just run away to this heavenly island right now!


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