Top Places to Visit in Rajasthan during the Winters

Rajasthan, also famous as the king’s royal residence, is even more beautiful in the winter. Visit destinations in Rajasthan in November, where you may take advantage of the pleasant surroundings to explore and the vibrant festivals to bathe in Rajputana magnificence. There are many attractions and fascinating locations to visit in Rajasthan in Winter, and the landscape is stunning.

It is an ideal opportunity to visit Rajasthan throughout the cold weather from November to February, when temperatures are gentle. Temperatures are going from 10 to 27 degrees Celsius all through this season. This wonderful climate allows guests to see the state’s attractions and partake in various exercises effortlessly.

Top 4 Places to Visit in Rajasthan during the Winters

Mount Abu

If you’re looking to beat the summer heat, Mount Abu is a must. This is Rajasthan’s only hill station, embraced by lush vegetation, historic temples, and breathtaking vistas of the Aravali range of mountains.

Other than the winters, there is no better time to visit Mount Abu, Rajasthan’s only hill station. Mount Abu is less congested than other popular hill stations in India since it is not as well-known as other hill stations. Mount Abu in Rajasthan enjoys a tropical environment all year round, yet the winters have their beauty when it comes to uplifting experiences.


Jaipur’s pink-coloured palaces, intriguing royal past, and well-preserved forts qualified it for inclusion on UNESCO’s list of world-historic sites. It is Rajasthan’s capital, and it embodies all of the reasons why! Jaipur, which is part of the famed Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit in India, is one of the most amazing sites in India due to its architectural magnificence.

In the winter, Jaipur is a great place to take a break and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. A Literature Celebration is organized every winter so that you may explore magnificent forts and temples. People’s winter holiday fantasy comes true in Jaipur with its cheap tuk-tuks, auto-rickshaws, and streets filled with local cuisine and shopping spots.

Keoladeo National Park

In addition to Rajput and Mughal architecture, Keoladeo National Park’s migrating birds make it one of Rajasthan’s top winter destinations. For bird-lovers and bird photography enthusiasts, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is more often known to observe magnificent migratory birds and enjoy the surrounding area throughout the winter months, particularly December.


Need more cash to spend on the Sahara Desert get-away? Relax, and look no farther than Jaisalmer. With its 40 to 60-meter-high heavenly sand ridges, this area holds the record for having a similar degree of loftiness as the Sahara Desert. It has the apex of greatness, Jaisalmer Fort, which encompasses the city. A few shops sell Rajasthani things inside the fortification.

Many of Jaisalmer’s rooftop restaurants are housed in forts, where you may dine while taking in the views. While there are plenty of things to do in Jaisalmer throughout the year, the winter months are particularly memorable. From October through December, Sam Sand Dunes has its annual desert festival, which includes overnight camping on the sand beaches.


Since the royal family of Rajasthan has opened their palaces to tourists, historic homes in Rajasthan may easily outperform any other type of lodging. Even youthful Bollywood superstars, such as Salman Khan, Sara Ali Khan, and Priyanka Chopra, like vacationing in royal Rajasthan. Begin a journey of discovery and discover the top spots in Rajasthan to visit in winter.