Recipe for Japanese Souffle

Japanese Souffle is the popular jiggly dessert that dawned in Japan. It is also known as soft cake/ pillow cake and consists of the tangy, luscious cheesecake flavour, with the blend of the dank, cotton-soft feeling of soufflé. Low in sugars and carbs, the cake is an optimal alternative to regular cheesecake, particularly for health freaks who want to keep their calorie intake in control. The texture is so fluffy and airy that it melts in the mouth, and the flavour is just the chef’s kiss. The souffle cheesecake is highly well-known, acknowledged and served across the globe for its unique and dainty texture.

History of the Souffle Cheesecake

Japanese chef Tomotaro Kuzuno created the recipe who got motivated by a local käsekuchen cheesecake (a German modification) during a journey to Berlin in the 1960s and got universalized around the globe in the 1990s as the trademark dish of Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake bakery that originated in Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan in 1947. Rikuro Ojisan in Osaka was amongst the first chains that served the cake while considering its salient features.

Usually eaten after a feast during holidays, this cake is a must-have to make your weekend meals delightful! So here is the recipe:


160g Cream cheese

20g Unsalted butter

Hot water

50ml Milk

40g Cake flour 

4 Egg yolks 

4 Egg whites

1/4Tsp Lemon juice

80g Sugar


Note: If you want to glaze the cake with apricots, you can make a coat using 1 Tbsp apricot jam and 1 Tbsp water.


Take cream cheese and keep it in a bowl. Add 20g unsalted butter ( unsalted is always preferred). Take a vessel filled with boiling water and place the bowl on it while whisking the mixture together.

Add 50ml milk and keep whisking till the batter is smooth. Once done, remove the bowl and add 40g cake flour to the mixture. Mix the ingredients nicely. Add four egg yolks ( no whites) and blend the batter once again.

Take the raw egg whites and pour them into a container. Add 1/4 tsp lemon juice. Whisk till bubbly and keep adding 80g sugar in breaks.

Add 1/3 of the egg white mixture in the previous mixture and mix. Repeat the process and add the egg yolk and white batter(combined) to the egg white mixture. Keep whisking till the batter is smooth, and all ingredients are blended properly.

Pour the batter into a container and place the container on a tray of hot water. Keep the apparatus in an oven and bake at 160′ for 20 minutes. Wait for 5 seconds and again bake at 110′ for 60 minutes.

Glaze the cake with honey or an apricot coat.