Travel Guide to Harsil, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a state in India, blessed with natural scenery and beauty. It has wide flower valleys, enormous deodar forests and untamed rivers. The mountainous region is home to thousands of animal species and vibrant plant life. Many birds come here every year for migration.

Unfortunately, the state’s natural wealth isn’t explored enough. Unlike the state of Himachal Pradesh, which has done an exceptional job promoting its tourism, Uttarakhand’s tourism industry lacks the necessary measures. Most of the state’s tourism gets focused on Hindu religious sites such as the ‘Char Dham yatra‘ that takes place every year. People from across the globe come here not just for religious reasons but also for the marvellous sightseeing and landscape this place offers.

However, other than the four major tourist attractions, there are many quaint hamlets in Uttarakhand that you should visit. So, if you’re someone who loves a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, wants a calm and serene environment where you can breathe fresh air and feel the wind against your face, add Harsil to your post-Covid travel list.

Hidden away in the mountains of Uttarakhand, this small village is the perfect place for every human whose eyes are tired of skyscrapers and flyovers. Harsil is a pitstop between Uttarkashi and Gangotri, one of the four major Dhams. Hence, this tiny village is also called the ‘camper’s bay of Uttarakhand ‘.

It has breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains, and freshwater falls at every turn and lush greenery. However, if you’re looking for a place with high-speed internet, 5-star hotels and trendy cafés, Harsil is not for you. The small village has a simple lifestyle, and it will help you disconnect yourself from the world, your internet and help attune with your inner self. The silence will make you ponder over life and its fleeting beauty.


For sightseeing, there are beautiful traditional Garhwali homes with wooden carved pillars and sloping roofs. In addition, the village’s women run a local business of knitting scarves and socks, selling them to tourists. 

Villages such as Dharali and Mukhwa are almost within walking distance and cannot get accessed via cars. Therefore, this is the perfect place to immerse yourself into Garhwali culture and the homemade Garhwali food the locals have to offer.

Harsil offers many treks such as the Dayara Bugyal trek, a hike to large fields covered in flowers. Trust me; you’ll be asking yourself why were you ever pining for Switzerland when Harsil was in your very own country.

Harsil is also famous for its apple orchards and rajma plantations. Apples grow sweeter and crispier if their roots are covered with snow for a few months every year. It makes Harsil the perfect place to grow quality apples. Rajma from Harsil is exceptionally famous and is transported all over India.

Instead of going to the same old places such as Haridwar, Rishikesh or even Mussoorie, try to visit many other much more beautiful places that Uttarakhand has to offer. So next time you’re planning a trip to Uttarakhand, make sure lesser-known spots such as Harsil are on your travel guide.